Top 10 Most Unusual Bloodshot Eyes Causes

Bloodshot Eyes CausesBloodshot eyes is a condition characterized by enlarged blood vessels on the surface of the eye caused by multiple factors like allergies, infections, irritants and diseases. Bloodshot eyes symptoms include, along with obvious redness, mild to severe eye dryness, eye discomfort, itching and burning, watery or yellow discharge and light sensitivity.

Here is a listing of bloodshot eyes causes in the most unusual cases:

1. Alcohol overconsumption.

2. Heavy smoking and use of illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine.

3. Vitamin C deficiency makes eye blood vessels fragile and prone to breaking.

4. Blood clotting disorder.

5. Strangulation and choking games in kids.

6. Toxic shock syndrome is an extreme allergic reaction to a hygienic tampon or birth control diaphragm left inside the body for prolong periods of time.

7. Yellow fever, disease transmitted by mosquito bite.

8. Eagle’s syndrome is a rare disease that causes hardening of the ligaments at the base of the skull making it hard to swallow and turn head.

9. A case of sand fly fever, caused by a sand fly bite, can also be one of the bloodshot eyes causes.

10. Obstruction of the superior vena cava, a major artery in the body, causes oxygen and blood supply shortages to major organs of the body.

If you are unsure about your bloodshot eyes causes or if you are experiencing pain or fever in addition to the symptoms listed above, it’s best to see your doctor right away to find the best and most effective eye treatment in your case. While there’s a myriad of bloodshot eyes treatment available over the counter, it’s important to know the exact cause for your eye redness as some treatments may be ineffective in certain cases. Most bloodshot eyes causes resolve themselves within 5-7 days in the case of viral version of follicular conjunctivitis or minor eye irritation. Other cases will require an antibiotic treatment for bacterial or injury related eye condition. In most cases, topical steroid eye drops are prescribed to take care of your bloodshot eyes causes. If you suffer from a chronic dry eye, you might be recommended an artificial tear therapy to help your eyes start producing natural tears.