Top 10 Natural Bad Breath Remedies

Bad Breath RemediesThere are various reasons behind the embarrassing and repulsive condition of bad breath. There are also bad breath remedies for the halitosis cure. Since a scratchy throat and allergies can cause bad breath, there are recommended sore throat home remedies and laryngitis remedies which will also act as a halitosis treatment. Because dental problems will cause a less than sweet breath, bad breath remedies should be used when experiencing tooth decay symptoms.

Here are the top 10 natural bad breath remedies:

1. One of the most common of the bad breath remedies is chewing gum. Since a dry mouth will cause bad breath and saliva washes away bacteria, chewing gum is beneficial as it increases saliva content in the mouth. Cinnamon flavored sugar-free gum has additional bacteria fighting qualities.

2. See a dentist and oral hygienist regularly as plaque and unfilled cavities will cause bad breath. Rinse the mouth with water after every meal. Brush and floss regularly.

3. Drinking more water is another one of the popular bad breath remedies. This halitosis treatment helps cure obnoxious breath by giving the body hydration and fighting the bacteria lurking in the mouth.

4. If following a low carbohydrate diet, chances are the breath is suffering because of the diet plan. Adding some good carbohydrates to the menu may be the needed halitosis cure.

5. Avoid sweet, sugary foods which add to the manifestation of bacteria in back of the throat which is an offender of bad breath.

6. Refrain from overindulging in alcohol as it will dry out the mouth, diminish saliva production, and add to a digestive a problem which is also a sure cause of bad breath.

7. Avoid dairy products if there is an intolerance to milk as this condition will add to halitosis issues.

8. Take measures to prevent or ease the health issues which enhance bacteria that will cause bad breath. Apple cider vinegar will aid the digestive system. Reduce acidity in the mouth by brushing with baking soda and gargling with salt water.

9. Eat plenty of fiber as well as live cultured yogurt to keep the bowel functions on track since digestion problems will promote bacteria.

10. Either sucking on a lemon wedge or a coffee bean will alleviate the unpleasant garlic or onion aroma from your previous dinner.