Top 10 Natural Blood Thinners for Thick Blood

Natural Blood ThinnersAmericans are one of the top nations in the world for heart diseases caused mostly by thick blood that causes excessive blood clotting, overall inflammation and tension in major organs and tissues. A lot of prescribed and over the counter aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications readily available on the market today have tremendous side effects as a price to pay for thick blood reduction. As reports, most of emergency room visits for the seniors are due to the dangers associated with prescription anticoagulants.

If you’ve been diagnosed with thick blood, let’s review some of the natural blood thinners that can provide amazing anti-inflammatory results without the harsh side effects of synthetic medications.

1. Animal-based sources of Omega 3 fatty acids like fish, cod liver and krill oils are one of nature’s best natural blood thinners that supply your body with a potent and easily absorbed dosages of DHA and EPA fatty acids to reduce thick blood.

2. Plant-based Omega 3 sources are not as easily absorbed by our bodies but can also become a great remedy for thick blood. Flaxseed oil, avocados, sesame seeds and nuts are great sources of plant Omega 3 fatty acids and are one of earth’s best blood thinning foods.

3. Among a wide array of benefits of ginger there’s a powerful and natural cure for thick blood that puts you at danger for cardiovascular system diseases. Use ginger generously in stir-fries, salads, even in juices to reduce inflammation in the body and thin blood.

4. Water is a surprising remedy among natural blood thinners helping keep you clot free. By not drinking enough water, especially if predisposing conditions are present, individuals are prone to hypercoagulation.

5. Blood thinning foods containing high levels of salicylates are a great way to keep thick blood in check. These foods include a variety of spices like chili powder, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, dill, oregano, turmeric and dill.

6. A lot of dried fruits and berries are one of nature’s best natural blood thinners like raisins, cranberries, prunes and cherries. They are very high in antioxidants and help support cardiovascular health.

7. Exercise is also among natural blood thinners as it helps facilitate blood flow to organs and reduce the likelihood of blood clotting. Start with moderate easy workout routines.

8. Vitamin B6 helps control excessive blood clotting leading to hardened arteries and heart disease. Most of the whole grains, sweet potatoes and legumes contain sufficient amount of vitamin B6.

9. Vitamin E is a powerful anticoagulant and is clinically proven to be just as effective as most blood thinning medications. Do not take more vitamin E supplement than prescribed not to cause a dangerous bleeding condition.

10. Gingko biloba is considered one of the most effective blood thinning herbs known to humanity that eliminates stagnant blood by enhancing blood flow to organs and tissues.

Like there are natural blood thinners, there are foods that provide the opposite effect of thickening blood. Foods with vitamin K play an essential role in a blood coagulation process. Such foods are mostly green leafy vegetables, broccoli and cabbage that help heal cuts and wounds by coagulating blood. While being one of the most important vitamins, vitamin K can undo the benefits of your blood thinning medication or natural remedy. Talk to your doctor to work out the correct ratio of vitamin K foods to give you the most health benefits and control for thick blood.

Always consult a doctor or a naturopath before starting any blood thinning regimen on your own to avoid a potentially dangerous bleeding disorder.