Top 10 Natural Cures for Insomnia

Natural Cures for InsomniaOur sleeping patterns have much to do with what we eat and drink, our daily stress levels, the medications we take, and more. It isn’t before very long that sleep deprivation symptoms begin to creep in only to leave us with exhaustion and various health issues. Many individuals choose to take prescription medication in a desperate effort to catch a few more winks a night. However, many prescription sleep medications are accompanied with side effects including a continued dependence on the drug in order to sleep at night. There are various natural cures for insomnia which will come with fewer side effects. Such natural sleep remedies would hardly be as addictive as some medications.

The following are 10 natural cures for insomnia:

1. There are various herbal remedies for insomnia including valerian, kava kava, and chamomile. These natural cures for insomnia will put the body as a whole in a more relaxing state so that falling asleep is not as much of a struggle.

2. Although yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, it has gained a fresh popularity in recent years. Yoga is often used as one of the natural cures for insomnia.

3. What we eat during the day can affect how well we sleep at night. Greens rich in chlorophyll like green leafy vegetables will help promote better sleep. Whole grains promote calmness and act simultaneously as stress reducers.

4. Fruits like mulberries and lemons settle mind thoughts which keep us from sleeping.

5. Natural cures for insomnia like meditation will promote a more relaxed body to have a good night sleep.

6. Autogenic therapy encourages total muscle relaxation in the body. As the muscles relax, so does the mind, only to promote a natural foundation for a restful night of sleep.

7. One of the oldest natural cures for insomnia is a warm cup of milk with a bit of honey.

8. An amino acid called Tryptophan will promote a better sleep. A natural source of this serotonin promoter is bananas, turkey, and milk. Tryptophan is also available in supplemental form.

9. Avoiding protein before bedtime and eating carbohydrates will prevent a better night sleep. A good high protein diet routine will fix your insomnia problem.

10. A safe and effective natural choice for sleep promotion is a supplement called melatonin. Melatonin, which regulates our circadian rhythm cycles, is naturally produced in our bodies, but decreases with age.