Top 10 Natural Depression Remedies

Natural Depression RemediesDepression can be seasonal, after baby, temporary, or a lifelong and debilitating illness. No matter what is plaguing you, natural depression remedies are a good option in conjunction with lifestyle changes, counseling, and the solid advice of a health care professional. If you’re considering going au natural to lift your spirits, check out our top 10 natural depression remedies:

1. Magneto: Stress eats away at your magnesium reserves, and you have to have magnesium to produce serotonin (the body’s happy juice.) Pick up a supplement that is chock full, or increase your intake of nuts, legumes and green vegetables. Your body will thank you for the healthful food choices no matter what!

2. Wort did you say? The St. John’s Wort depression link was made long ago, and for good reason. This herb has been used for a long time as a treatment for “sadness”. Pick some up at your local drug store, grocery store or health food store for mild depression relief sans side effects.

3. Alpha & Omega: Omega 3 fatty acids are brain food, literally! Effective as a postpartum depression treatment, and shown to enhance the successfulness of already taken antidepressants, this is one superfood that is worth picking up, even if you’re not a fish fan.

4. Sammy: Sam-E is a chemical we all produce that might help produce serotonin and dopamine. While conclusive studies don’t exist yet, early trials show it to be better than placebo at countering depression. Although it’s one of the more expensive natural depression remedies available, picking this up at a health food store might not be a bad idea if you don’t think your body is making enough happy hormones on its own.

5. Fe Fi Fo-lic Acid: Folic acid on its own might not do a whole lot to combat your depression, but if you’re lacking in it, it might be worthwhile to get your body to normal levels and possibly eliminate a source of your strife.

6. Get some Ginko: Used decades ago in dementia patients, this elderly friendly herb is thought to possibly help kick up those serotonin levels, often a contributor to depression.

7. I “C” U: Vitamin C is not just for keeping away the sniffles. Helpful in the synthesizing of norepinephrine, this wonder vitamin’s possibilities are endless.

8. Poke Me Happy, Acupuncturist: Triggering the release of happy hormones, this unconventional topper on the list of natural depression remedies might surprise you. However studies suggest it helps to release serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, the stuff your body needs to stay happy.

9. I’m so fat: Everyone is always searching for antidepressants that do not cause weight gain. Ta-Da! You just found one that causes weight loss! That’s right, go exercise. Exercise releases happy hormones and makes you feel great. How could this option be debatable?

10. Yogatta get happy: Yoga has been shown to reduce depression, anger and anxiety. While it’s difficult to pop a squat for some yoga every time you feel angry or upset, studies suggest that the positive feelings derived from meditation and soothing yoga stick with you for hours.

Using some of the above suggestions along with lifestyle changes can help you in time find the key to a happier you. Don’t forget about the sleep deprivation depression link as well. If you’re not getting enough snooze time, you could be setting yourself up for failure every day. Remember to discuss all natural remedies you are considering with your doctor or health care provider. Even natural products can have side effects and drug interactions that are hugely important to consider, and consultation with a physician is key to their successful use and implementation.