Top 10 Natural Estrogen Blockers

Natural Estrogen BlockersYou may be eating your way to an abundance of estrogen, or worse, estrogen dominance. The truth is that many common foods that we eat every day can contribute to this female hormone imbalance and it affects both sexes. Commercially produced cattle products such as beef and dairy can contain synthetic versions of estrogen and when combined with naturally occurring forms of this hormone from plant sources such as soy, seeds and apples, you might potentially have a hormone party that is full of too many ladies. There are many products on the market to balance out hormones and you will find everything from androgen blockers to testosterone enhancers to correct an out of whack hormone balance; but, you may be striving for achieving this equilibrium naturally. Luckily for you there are natural estrogen blockers available as products and pills, and you can also benefit from many common foods and herbs that act as estrogen blockers as well. We will explore some of these options on our list of the top 10 best natural estrogen blockers and no matter how you are trying to achieve your goals, you’re sure to find something on our list that will work for you!

1. Broccoli and Cauliflower: There is no reason to fuss about eating your vegetables when you consider that these cruciferous veggies contain DIM, short for diidolymethane, which literally binds to surplus estrogen and removes it from the body. Brussels sprouts are also packed with this potent ingredient which make this group of vegetables a no brainer if you’re looking for natural estrogen blockers.

2. Turmeric: This Amarillo spice is included in many herbal supplements thanks to its wealth of natural healing properties. You won’t likely be surprised to know that it’s also been praised for its ability to curb an excess of estrogen.

3. Resveratrol: This naturally occurring compound found in many plants may sound like a medicine, but that may be just because of all of the healthful properties that it contains. Studies have suggested that it may help convert estrogen to testosterone amongst its other benefits such as being a potential anti inflammatory and anti cancer agent.

4. Estrogenex: If you aren’t much into vegetables and you’re fresh out of Turmeric, you can always take the easy way out and pick up a bottle of this supplement that claims to block the conversion to estrogen with natural ingredients.

5. Citrus Fruit: Do you adore oranges? Well you will be happy to know that the flavanoids contained in many types of citrus can regulate hormones. These natural estrogen blockers might not be potent enough to please body builders; however the regulation of estrogen and testosterone can bring your body into balance.

6. Passion Flower: Chrysin is an aromatase inhibitor and it is thought to work by blocking the conversion to estrogen within the body. The jury is still out on its effectiveness; however passionflower products are becoming very popular amongst natural estrogen blockers.

7. Mushrooms: If you aren’t hip to taking a chrysin supplement but still want to reap the benefits of this purported hormone powerhouse, you might want to consider snacking on some mushrooms as the common fungus also contains chrysin.

8. Tribulis Terrestris: In many states in the U.S. this flowering plant is considered a weed, however it’s also reportedly useful as an excess estrogen reducer. You may find this entry amongst natural estrogen blockers by one of its more common names such as “devil’s eyelashes.”

9. Estroblock Pro Triple Strength: this natural supplement contains many of the items you’ve already read on our list of top natural estrogen blockers such as chrysin and diidolymethane meaning that it’s sort of like eating your broccoli and mushrooms at the same time without having any dirty dishes to wash.

10. Fenugreek: Fenugreek is a versatile plant and you can find it ready to use in cooking or in many supplements. While being thought of as an estrogen blocker, it’s also been used to increase libido in men.