Top 10 Natural Methods of Unclogging Arteries

Unclogging ArteriesIn this article we came up with top 10 natural ways of unclogging arteries:

1. High Fiber Diets

Eating high fiber foods can be a natural way of unclogging arteries in your body. Fiber attaches to cholesterol to flush this fat out, instead of allowing it to accumulate and clog your arteries.

2. Citrus Pectin

Citrus pectin has been shown to unclog arteries in some scientific studies. You can find this substance on the inner peel of a grapefruit or you can buy it in supplement form.

3. Systemic Enzymes

Enzymes play important roles in your body and how it functions. If certain enzymes needed for good artery health or normal function are missing then clogs can happen. Replacing systemic enzymes can eliminate any enzyme deficiencies.

4. Eat More Fish

Many types of fish are known for being high in Omega 3 fatty acids. These are known for their benefits in unclogging arteries. Eating salmon, tuna, and other fatty fish varieties can help you naturally eliminate clogged arteries.

5. Change Your Cooking Oil

Using olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, or other heart healthy oils for cooking and dining can be natural remedies for high cholesterol and clogged arteries.

6. Stop Smoking (if you are)

If you are worried about unclogging arteries then stop smoking immediately. Tobacco smoking causes clogged arteries, because it greatly increases the number of free radicals that are present in your body.

7. Exercise More

Exercise can help increase blood circulation, which can help dissolve clots or even prevent them in the first place. Exercise also lowers cholesterol and helps regulate overall blood pressure. You do not have to exercise too hard, in fact, easy workout routines are much more effective.

8. Use More Garlic In Foods

Garlic is a well known food that is famous for unclogging arteries, as well as providing many other health and fitness benefits at the same time.

9. Take a Multivitamin Supplement

Removing plaque from arteries requires vitamins (especially B-complex), minerals, and other nutrients so your body can operate efficiently. Often clogs result because of a nutritional deficiency, and taking a multivitamin each day will prevent this.

10. Include Cayenne Peppers in Diet

Unclogging arteries can be done very effectively by eating cayenne peppers or including these peppers in the meals in your diet. Capsicum, a big component of cayenne peppers, helps to stop free radicals that can cause clogs.