Top 10 Natural Methods to Deal with Female Bloating

Female Bloating1. Minimize Salt Intake

Salt can contribute to female bloating and cause you to retain water. Limiting your salt intake can give you water retention relief, by eliminating the fluid your body is retaining instead.

2. Increase Calcium Intake

One natural remedy for female bloating is to increase your calcium intake in the days leading up to your menstrual period, as well as during your period.

3. Avoid Wheat Products

Wheat is one of the most common bloated stomach causes. The gluten in wheat causes gas, and this creates bloating. Eliminating these foods during your menstrual cycle can keep your bloating to a minimum.

4. Take Probiotics

Female bloating can be treated naturally by taking probiotics. The natural bacterial levels in your intestines can be restored with probiotics, and this can prevent any gas and related bloating from starting in the first place.

5. Boost The Fiber In Your Diet

Fiber can help you prevent constipation, which can cause bloating and discomfort. Fiber will keep your bowel movements regular so there is no buildup that leads to a full abdomen.

6. Eat And Drink Slowly

One way to minimize female bloating is to eat and drink slowly. This step prevents you from swallowing a lot of air, and this eliminates gas and bloating.

7. Minimize Gas Causing Foods

Foods that cause gas can be a contributing factor in bloatedness. When these foods are eaten at certain times during your menstrual cycle they can increase your bloating and discomfort.

8. Exercise Moderately

Female bloating can be naturally managed with exercise. When you exercise your body loses fluids, and this helps to eliminate bloating.

9. Drink Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is an effective remedy for female bloating that has been used for centuries. This herbal remedy works well on digestive disorders and female bloating, and helps calm and soothe you as well.

10. Eat Several Smaller Meals Through The Day

Bloating after meals can be stopped by eating smaller meals more frequently. This allows you to get plenty of variety and never go hungry, while limiting the amount of food that sits in your stomach and can cause bloating.