Top 10 Natural Remedies for Bloatedness

BloatednessBloatedness is a very common problem affecting almost everybody throughout their lives but women tend to suffer from it more often due to their levels of hormones fluctuating monthly and bloatedness in pregnancy.

Here is a list of top 10 natural remedies for bloatedness that might help everyone:

1. Warm water bottle to the stomach area helps relax tight muscles relieving your abdominal pain and bloating.

2. Activated charcoal tablets act as adsorbent of gas inside intestines, be warned not to take them if you are on birth control pills or any other prescription medication as activated charcoal will interfere with your medication.

3.Hot chamomile, peppermint and ginger tea will all soothe the upset stomach, normalize your digestion and neutralize bloating after meals.

4. Going for a brisk walk will stimulate and massage internal organs and eventually force the gas out of your intestines, helping your bloated belly.

5. Practicing various types of relaxation practices like meditation, prayer, positive visualization promote an overall well-being helping with your bloatedness in the long run.

6. Taking a high quality probiotic and eating a diet rich in naturally fermented foods like yogurt, cheese, kefir and others will aid in establishing a favorable intestinal flora and take care of your minor bloated stomach causes.

7. Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains rich in fiber and nutrients will ensure you body is getting enough bulk to help smooth out your bowel movements.

8. Making a habit of not drinking any beverages with your meal but 15-20 minutes beforehand will ensure that your stomach enzymes are not diluted and can properly digest food not giving you a bloated belly.

9. Eliminating the foods you might be sensitive to like wheat, soy, dairy, eggs and keeping a food diary along the way will help you pinpoint exactly which products cause your bloatedness.

10. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake as these two factors greatly contribute to your bloated stomach causes.

Chronic bloatedness could be a sign of a serious medical condition and should be brought to the attention of your health practitioner. Natural remedies for bloatedness list could be a helpful guide to the road of achieving your optimum health.