Top 10 Natural Snore Remedies of All Times

Natural Snore RemediesSnoring is a common annoyance affecting 45 percent of men and at least 30 percent of women. Loud snoring is often exacerbated by weight gain and age. There are those who snore on a nightly basis. Then, there are those who intermittently snore if medication or alcohol has been taken before bedtime, or if there is an underlying illness such as a virus lingering on. There are snore remedies which include stop snoring products or sleep apnea devices. Some snore remedies may work for some and not for others. The snoring individual or a desperate partner may readily try any of the suggested snore remedies, especially the natural solutions handed down from past generations.

The following are the top 10 natural snore remedies of all times:

1. Moisturizing nasal and throat passages will sometime relieve snoring. If dryness is the culprit, spraying the throat with a throat moisturizer will keep the oral vibrations at bay and snoring down to a minimum.

2. A steamy shower before bedtime will also rectify throat and nasal dryness.

3. If your usual sleeping position is on your back, change it up a bit and sleep on your side. This is probably the most common of snore remedies.

4. Excess body weight will also add additional neck tissue. In turn, snoring will become more and more frequent. Losing body weight will have a positive effect on snoring problems.

5. Another one of the important snoring remedies includes the avoidance of alcohol, sleep medications, and even some of the herbal sleep aids. Sleepiness may be enhanced, but snoring will not be stopped. In fact, sometimes the snoring worsens.

6. By exercising the throat muscles and tongue along with simple breathing exercises, snoring can be substantially lessened.

7. Stay away from foods that bother digestion. If dairy provides bloating, chances are that consuming a dairy product before bedtime will have an effect on your sleep.

8. Mix a third teaspoon of baking soda with a pinch of salt and water. Using a bulb syringe, flush each nostril to clear nasal passages.

9. Prop yourself up on an extra pillow.

10. Quit smoking if you do so, since smoking will add to congestion and mucus settled in the throat.