Top 10 Natural Supplements For Depression

Natural Supplements For DepressionWhen it comes to depression, treatment can involve not only medication, but also lifestyle and dietary changes. Using natural supplements for depression in conjunction with your current regimen can help increase your chances for success, and provide some body healthy benefits along the way. Natural cures for depression can however still cause side effects, and you will need to evaluate the risks, contradictions, and benefits with your health care provider before proceeding. Remember, never stop taking any medication you have been prescribed in order to begin natural depression remedies, and do not take any new supplement or medication without first discussing it with your physician. Natural supplements for depression can potentially interact with medication you are taking yielding unwanted effects to the body, or to the effectiveness of your current medicine. Now that you’ve understood the risks, it’s time to explore the benefits of natural supplements for depression! Start by checking out our top 10!

1. GABA: This neurotransmitter has been linked to anxiety and mood, and while the jury is still out on its effectiveness, its positive tests thus far make it a potential up and coming mood booster.

2. Omega 3: Low in side effects and high on brain boosting, this fish flavored (alright, jk) fatty acid is showing promise as a depression combatant.

3. St. John’s Wort: The St John’s Wort depression link was made decades ago, and it’s been successful in reducing the symptoms of depression in many clinical trials. This herb is a top performer on our list of natural supplements for depression.

4. Saffron: What? Yeah. Alright, it’s expensive. And, finding it in supplement form is tricky and will require a venture into cyberspace, however, early tests show promise for this flavorful Parisian spice.

5. SAMe: A still questionable but promising naturally occurring compound, this body made chemical works with our serotonin and dopamine output thereby linking it to depression relief.

6. Tryptophan: Inconclusive but potential laden, turkey’s infamous amino acid could be beneficial to treating depression. Watch out though, many supplements contain “other stuff” and have been shown to have high contamination levels.

7. Vitamin B6: Likely this vitamin won’t help you unless you’re deficient, but if you are, this can be a huge benefit to you and your mood.

8. Magnesium: When you’re stressed, your magnesium is devoured, and magnesium is needed for serotonin production. Don’t overlook this common mineral when looking for natural supplements for depression.

9. Ginko Biloba: Commonly used in dementia patients, this herb is showing promise as a mood boosting powerhouse.

10. Exercise: “supplement” your routine with exercise. It could be the single most important “supplement” you take. The body gets happy and releases its happy compounds when you exercise meaning that you can take absolutely nothing and potentially feel great.

Don’t forget about lifestyle when considering supplements. Not getting enough sleep? Well, consider the sleep deprivation depression link. Studies show that not getting enough sleep will not only keep your depression at a peak, it can also cause it to gradually worsen. By ensuring that you are sleeping enough, eating right, and seeking proper medical care, you can be well on your way to a happier you in no time.