Top 10 Neuritis Symptoms

Neuritis Symptoms1. Tingling – Tingling is one of the top neuritis symptoms, and this sensation can be felt in any part of the body where nerves are located. This symptom may occur only occasionally and simply be uncomfortable or it may be frequent and severe.

2. Burning – Burning is a common symptom of neuritis, especially certain types including facial neuritis. For some individuals the burning may become so bad that they feel like the area is on fire, and certain movements and activities may make this burning sensation even worse.

3. Numbness – One of the top neuritis symptoms is numbness, and this usually occurs because the nerve has become damaged or swelling makes it impossible for the nerve impulses to get through. This numbness may only affect a small area or may travel along the entire nerve, and it may be temporary or permanent.

4. Stabbing Pain – Many types of neuritis, including optic neuritis, may include stabbing pains. In severe cases prescription medications may be given to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

5. Complete Sensation Loss – Neuritis symptoms which occur frequently can include a complete loss of sensation. Unlike numbness, which will usually come and go, this symptom is a permanent loss of sensation which does not improve. Ulnar nerve neuritis is one type of this condition where sensation loss can occur if treatment is not started.

6. Sensation of Pins and Needles – One of the top brachial neuritis symptoms, as well as a symptom of many other neuritis types, is a sensation of pins and needles. This feeling is similar to when your extremities fall asleep and then wake up.

7. Loss of Muscle Tone – A loss of muscle tone is commonly seen as one of the neuritis symptoms. The affected nerve keeps the muscles from staying toned.

8. Muscle Weakness and Wasting – Neuritis symptoms include a weakness in the muscles and a wasting away of muscle tissue. Without proper nerve stimulation the muscles are no longer healthy and cannot be effective.

9. Dizziness or Vertigo – One of the most common vestibular neuritis symptoms is dizziness or vertigo. This symptom occurs because the vestibular nerve is affected, and this connects your inner ear to your brain.

10. Paralysis – Paralysis is one of the more severe symptoms of neuritis. Bell’s palsy is one type of this condition where facial paralysis is a common symptom seen, and there are other types as well.