Top 10 Olive Leaf Extract Benefits

Olive Leaf Extract Benefits1. Immunity Boost- One of the top olive leaf extract benefits is the immune boost that this substance can provide. This allows the body to fight off invaders more effectively, so that better health is achieved.

2. Better Circulation- There are few olive leaf extract side effects, and this supplement can improve circulation in the body. Poor circulation can cause many medical conditions and problems, and this herbal remedy can eliminate these.

3. Hypertension Treatment- High blood pressure is a common issue today, and this extract can help lower blood pressure and keep it within the normal range when this remedy is used regularly.

4. Cardiovascular Health- Cardiovascular health is important, and cardiovascular disease is one of the top killers in the United States. The olive leaf extract benefits help promote good heart health.

5. Prevention of Free Radical Damage- Olive leaf tea is full of antioxidants, and this beverage can help prevent free radical damage in the body that leads to disease, illness and poor health. The extract of the olive leaf also provides this benefit.

6. Detoxification- This herbal supplement helps break down and remove toxins from the body.

7. Eliminate PMS Symptoms- One of the top olive leaf extract benefits is that this substance can help minimize or even eliminate the symptoms of PMS that some women experience each month.

8. Prevention of Yeast Infections- Olive leaf extract candida treatment can be very effective. Yeast infections can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, and this extract can eliminate the yeast.

9. Fewer Migraine Headaches- The olive leaf extract benefits include treatment of migraine headaches. The phytochemicals in the extract have been beneficial in treating this type of headache effectively in many individuals.

10. Lower HIV Viral Count- An olive leaf extract herpes remedy has been shown to give results. This remedy also works on HIV and other retroviral infections.