Top 10 Papaya Enzyme Benefits

Papaya Enzyme Benefits1. Better digestion is one of the top papaya enzyme benefits. These enzymes help the body break down proteins in the digestive tract more effectively, so that there is less stomach upset and intestinal discomfort.

2. Less Inflammation. The papaya enzyme papain can help reduce inflammation in the body and can be beneficial for individuals who have inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

3. Cancer Treatment. Recent studies have shown that papaya leaf tea offers some cancer fighting properties. While the mechanism behind these properties is not yet fully known, this tea has been proven to have an effect at preventing or minimizing cancer in some individuals.

4. Diuretic Properties. One of the top papaya enzyme benefits is that these substances encourage the release of excessive cellular fluid. This has caused these enzymes to be used in the treatment of edema.

5. Cooking Benefits. One of the papaya enzyme side effects makes it ideal for use in meat tenderizers, because it helps to break down meat and make it tenderer.

6. Antioxidant Properties. The enzymes found in papaya help fight free radicals in the body promoting good health and preventing disease and illness.

7. Increased wound healing is one of the top papaya enzyme benefits. When this fruit or the enzyme extract is taken during recovery, the time needed to heal fully is significantly shortened.

8. Nutritional Benefits for Pregnancy. Papaya enzyme pregnancy use has been deemed safe by many physicians, and the high levels of antioxidants and nutrients in the fruit make it ideal for women who are pregnant.

9. Upper Respiratory Health Benefits. Thinner mucous is another of the papaya enzyme benefits. This can be very helpful when cold and flu season arrives, and eating the fruit when sick can help with a faster recovery and fewer symptoms.

10. Skin Soothing Benefits. One of the top papaya benefits is that it can help in the treatment of jellyfish stings, and soothing insect stings as well. This is in part to the reduction in inflammation as well as other factors.