Top 10 Parsley Tea Benefits

Parsley Tea BenefitsIt may sound unlikely, but there are numerous parsley tea benefits for your health. This fragrant herb is chockfull of essential minerals and vitamins, which means that a little bit goes a long way. Here are some benefits that you can count on receiving by drinking parsley tea.

1. Boost immune system – Parsley is extremely rich in vitamin C. If you want to fight the common cold and keep the flu at bay, add a little parsley to a hot cup of water and enjoy.

2. Arthritis and inflammation – Arthritis sufferers complain of stiff joints and pain that comes from inflammation. Parsley in tea form can be used to alleviate this pain swiftly.

3. Cellulite – Some parsley tea benefits are related to the circulatory system. If you have cellulite, it can be reduced by drinking this tea regularly.

4. Energy – Parsley contains a blend of proprietary minerals and vitamins, which can help to give you a rush of energy at the end of a long day. Use a simple parley tea recipe to keep your body running at peak condition.

5. Kidney health – If you have nephritic syndrome, kidney stones, or any other kidney related illness, parsley will help to eliminate toxins every time you empty your bladder. Parsley benefits the kidneys very effectively.

6. Uterine health – Many issues related to menstrual cycles can be cleared up with the regular use of parsley herb tea. Parsley will cause the onset of your menstrual cycle if you are late, and it also works to tone the walls of the uterus.

7. Lower cholesterol – Traditional medications work well to reduce high cholesterol levels, but parsley tea benefits people with high cholesterol just as well. Use fresh parsley herbs from your garden or keep a bunch of dried parsley around so that you can reap all the rewards.

8. Bloating and water retention – Diuretic herbs such as parsley have been shown to stop bloating and get rid of excess water.

9. Lower blood pressure – Although you may not want to rely on parsley tea benefits to keep your blood pressure down, you might want to add it to your regular diet. Parsley lowers the blood pressure consistently over time.

10. Better protection against cancer – Parsley will not prevent cancer, but it can work to prevent malignant tumors from growing in size. Drinking parsley herbal tea makes for a great cancer prevention treatment.