Top 10 Passion Flower Benefits For Men and Women

passion flower benefitsMost commonly presented as a vine but also appearing as shrubs and bushes, the beautiful passion flower, a plant species represented by nearly 500 different varieties, has been used since its discovery in a very wide variety of medicinal and health applications. Prized for its beauty

, but recognized as not only one of the most popular herbal remedies for anxiety, passion flower has many uses beyond visible aesthetics for both men and women. And, with passion flower side effects being few and infrequent, it’s an incredibly popular choice for people looking for effectiveness without potentially adverse medicinal side effects. In fact, up until the late 1970’s, passion flower supplement was approved for over the counter use until it was withdrawn due to a lack of research regarding safety and effectiveness, indicating that while it’s prolific use might be stymied due to regulations on herbal products, it’s uses were valuable enough to give it recognition that few herbal remedies receive.

We’ve compiled a list of ten passion flower benefits for both men and women that you may not know about, so you can explore the healing benefits of this stunning plant and discover more about ways it can benefit you!

1. Sleep Problems: A few sips of hot herbal tea helps many drift off to dreamland, and it’s thought that a cup of passion flower tea before bedtime can help make the transition to sleepy time gentler and easier. Studies however are conflicting as to the tea’s abilities to reduce the number of awakenings nightly and feelings of rejuvenation upon wakening.

2. Anxiety: Of all the purported benefits from the leaves of this plant, the passion flower anxiety link is one that evidence has been shown for, and the effects have been substantiated. Calming tense and frazzled nerves with passion flower benefits is also thought to create fewer side effects than some medicinal counterparts.

3. Drug Withdrawal: The symptoms of abstinence from addicting narcotics can be severe and even debilitating; however there are studies that have proven that these can be alleviated in part with passion flower benefits, perhaps in part due to their calming and relaxing effects.

4. Menopause Symptoms: For ladies dealing with the druthers of the change of life, passion flower benefits can include aid with sleep troubles, abdominal discomfort and those undeniable mood swings that can cause psychological distress.

5. Fibromyalgia & Pain Relief: Relief from muscle spasms and general use as an analgesic was one of the earliest uses of passion flower benefits and this purpose, utilized by early discoverers and Native Americans, is still touted to the day.

6. Hemorrhoids: Method of application may prove challenging to some people who wish to take full use of the hemorrhoid combating action of passion flower, however given its purported applications for pain relief and inflammation, it’s easy to see how a bothersome bum could be possibly relieved with passion flower.

7. Burns: Treating burns can be difficult as some creams and salves can be uncomfortable upon application and often do not provide adequate relief. Some find that passion flower can be useful in treating some of the discomfort of minor burns and other skin irritation.

8. Inflammation: Whether external or internal, inflammation can cause pain and discomfort to the afflicted, and passion flower benefits are thought to include relief from various forms of inflammation.

9. Gastrointestinal Ails: Upset stomachs, particularly if brought on from nervousness and anxiety are thought to be remediable with the use of passion flower. Not only can the general mood be calmed with using the leaves of the plant, the associated adverse effects to the GI tract are thought to be relievable as well.

10. ADHD / Excitability: Although research is limited, it’s been suggested that the calming and relaxing effects of passion flower benefits can help reduce some of the excitability associated with ADHD, and general hyperactivity in some people. However, it’s important to discuss using passion flower for this use with your health care provider beforehand.