Top 10 Peppermint Tea Benefits

Peppermint Tea Benefits1. Intestinal Health. One of the biggest peppermint tea benefits is that this herb can treat indigestion naturally. Peppermint soothes the digestive system and eliminates any uncomfortable symptoms caused by irritation of the stomach and intestines.

2. Bad Breath Elimination. One of the top benefits of peppermint is that this herb can eliminate bad breath. The oils in the plant destroy bacteria that cause bad breath leaving your breath fresh and clean instead.

3. Elimination of Chest Congestion. Tea made from peppermint can help treat respiratory problems and congestion. This plant has a large amount of menthol which clears the airways and works as an expectorant to eliminate congestion.

4. Nausea Benefits. One of the peppermint tea benefits that many people seek is calming an upset stomach. This tea can get rid of nausea and stop vomiting in most cases, without the use of drugs. In addition, peppermint tea can help with morning sickness in some pregnant patients.

5. Stress Relief. Peppermint is one of the best herbs for stress relief, and a cup of tea made from this plant can help relax the mind and get rid of pent up stress that is damaging to both mental and physical health.

6. Migraine Help. Headaches can be banished with the use of peppermint, and when it is made into a tea, the warmth of the liquid helps relax the body and relieve headache tension. Many times this symptom is caused by stress which peppermint can also relieve.

7. Immune System Benefits. An increase in the function and effectiveness of the immune system is one of the top 10 peppermint tea benefits. The antioxidants and other nutrients that the tea contains help the body and immune system fight off disease and illness better.

8. Skin Benefits. There are peppermint and green tea benefits for the skin. Peppermint oil removes dull, dry, and dead skin cells and encourages healthy skin cells to replace them. This tea also works on improving the condition of oily skin.

9. Cramping Relief. Stopping intestinal cramps and stomach cramps is another of the top peppermint tea benefits. Just one cup of tea will relax the intestinal muscles so that cramping is minimized.

10. IBS Relief. Scientific studies show that one of the beneficial peppermint tea side effects is the improvement of irritable bowel syndrome and other gastric disorders and diseases. This tea prevents flatulence and stops the spasms that are frequent with intestinal disorders.