Top 10 Physical Effects of Stress

Physical Effects of StressIt seems that the more progress the world makes, the more stressed we are. People are constantly running here and there between work and family and trying to squeeze in a little fun. There are many physical effects of stress. In order to relieve some of these signs of stress, we should think about finding some stress reducers.

Below are the top 10 physical effects of stress:

1. You may find yourself in physical pain when overly stressed. This can be that achy feeling that feels similar to the flu.

2. When you are extremely stressed for long periods of time, it may lead to high blood pressure which then can lead to a heart attack and heart disease.

3. You may find yourself having a difficult time digesting food. This can lead to constipation and other stomach issues.

4. Because you are stressed all the time, you may find it difficult to sleep, leading to insomnia.

5. Because of your continuous stress, you may find yourself seriously depressed. You should seek professional help if you are feeling sad and depressed all of the time.

6. Another physical sign of stress is overeating. You may find yourself using food to make you “feel” better. This can lead to obesity.

7. Because of your stress, you probably won’t eat right, or get the proper amount of exercise. This can lead to a weakened immune system and autoimmune diseases.

8. Because of your stress, you may develop stress hives or eczema

9. Because you are stressed, you may not think decisions through. This could cause you to make poor decisions, you wouldn’t otherwise make.

10. Continuous stress over a long period of time can lead to tension or migraine headaches or even cluster headaches.
There are some ways to relieve many of these signs of stress. Some of these stress relief techniques are exercising, reading a good book, taking up a hobby, you can even take a long drive. This may go a long way to relieve some emotional effects of stress.

Among these physical effects of stress are also weak immune systems. You can help battle this by taking plenty of vitamins, keeping up a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.

While some of these physical effects of stress can be pretty scary, it’s important that we don’t ignore them. Get a physical check-up regularly, eat well and exercise. This will help to relieve many of these physical effects of stress.