Top 10 Poor Circulation Remedies

Poor Circulation RemediesIt is necessary for our blood to reach the essential parts of our body in order for the nutrients and oxygen to be appropriately delivered. Health issues will begin when poor blood circulation is present. Minor symptom at the beginning stages of inadequate circulation may be numbness and tingling in the hands and feet. As circulation problems progress, there is more risk for developing peripheral artery disease leading to heart attack and stroke. When symptoms of circulation inadequacies are experienced, it is best to consider putting some poor circulation remedies into place before the condition worsens recommends wikiHow.

The following are 10 poor circulation remedies:

1. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it’s time to get yourself moving. Physical movement like walking, jogging, swimming, or bike riding will certainly increase blood circulation. Starting slow with 10-15 minutes of moderate exercise daily and building it up to at least 30 minutes of low impact activity on the regular basis is helpful in controlling this problem.

2. A diet high in sugar and fat compromises circulation as the blood thickens, making a steady flow more difficult. Additionally, consuming unhealthy trans fats makes your blood more viscous and hard to flow freely.

3. Kicking bad habits are some of the best poor circulation remedies contribute to thick blood and poor flow. While Smoking has been known to hinder good blood circulation, alcohol is known to affect liver responsible for digesting fats. Kicking the habits should be one of the first remedies on the agenda.

4. Stress effects us in many ways including the way the blood circulates through our bodies. . Drinking herbal teas, taking yoga classes, meditating and implementing breathing exercising, could accomplish stress control. High levels of cortisol increases inflammation in the body leading to various health problems.

5. Soaking feet in warm water will enhance circulation to the feet followed by a relaxing foot massage. Adding a few drops of essential oils like grapefruit or ginger to your favorite massage lotion will deliver relaxation and well-being.

6. Spicing up food with some excellent herbs and spices is one of the excellent poor circulation remedies. Cayenne pepper is thought to stimulate blood circulation, while ginger and garlic fight inflammation and plaque in arteries according to

7. There are supplements beneficial for circulation. Resveratrol health benefits include keeping blood vessels squeaky clean. These vessels stay scrubbed for optimal circulation according to Dr. Mercola, a well known natural health specialist.

8. Elevating feet whenever possible will rejuvenate the oxygen and blood flow. This allows pooled blood to continue moving upstream supplying organs and tissues with vital oxygen.

9. Losing weight will eliminate some of the stress in the body, which hinders a natural, steady blood flow.

10. Keeping diabetes, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol levels under control will substantially remedy an inadequate circulation problem. If these conditions are treated, the body will be trimmer and healthier.

Though these poor circulation remedies will provide relief for common problems, figuring out the underlying reason for your unhealthy blood flow is crucial to finding the right treatment in your situation. Check out Fox News footage that stresses out the importance of medical intervention of serious blood circulation problems, which may require surgical care.