Top 10 Post Nasal Drip Causes

Post Nasal Drip CausesThere are many different prescription and over the counter drugs that can be used to clear up mucus, but you first need to know about post nasal drip causes. Sometimes allergies are the source of post nasal drip symptoms, but other times it is something far more serious. Here are the top 10 reasons your nose may be processing excessive mucus.

1. Allergies – Hands down, this is one of the biggest post nasal drip causes. Thankfully, allergies can usually be alleviated with a prescription.

2. The weather – Not to be confused with allergies, sometimes, snow, rain, wind and sunlight can cause your sinuses to flare up. Although pollen and other allergens are often carried by the wind, sometimes plain old rainy weather can be irritating to noses.

3. Airborne irritants – If you have ever been trapped next to someone wearing a strong smelling perfume, you shouldn’t have been surprised when your nose started to drip. Sinus drainage in this case will be profound as body’s reaction to cleanse nasal passages of irritants like dust, pollution and else.

4. The flu and the common cold – For those that have just gotten over the common cold or the flu, you can expect to see some post nasal drip. You body will work to get rid of all the mucus within a few days, no post nasal drip treatment necessary.

5. Second hand smoke – Considering the fact that cigarettes contain more than 2,000 materials, it should be surprising that this is one of the few universal post nasal drip causes around. The more you are able to avoid second hand smoke, the better.

6. Prescription medication side effects – If you happen to take a prescription drug, you may want to take a closer look at the list of side effects. Post nasal drip is a very common prescription medication side effect. Using home remedies for sinus infection may be helpful if you want to avoid drug interactions.

7. Diet – A lot of people who consume large quantities of dairy products and meats may notice excessive nasal drainage. It’s due to a fact that dairy products cause excessive mucus build up, expect to deal with a lot of dripping mucus.

8. Chemicals – Even if you don’t live next to a manufacturing facility, there are plenty of invisible chemicals floating around in your environment. Try using an air purifier in your home to get rid of these sinus inflaming particles.

9. Laundry detergent – Some of the most laundry detergent brands smell great, but they also contain ingredients that are harsh to the nose. Check with your personal list of post nasal drip causes to see if any of them are being included with your wash cycle.

10. Nasal polyps, infection or general inflammation – If your sinuses are irritated for any reason, they will secrete extra mucus.