Top 10 Premenopausal Osteoporosis Symptoms

Premenopausal OsteoporosisPost menopausal osteoporosis is most often seen among women compared to premenopausal osteoporosis, but certain medical conditions and scenarios can contribute to the underlying causes of low bone density in much younger women. Hormonal imbalance and poor nutrient absorption play the most vital role in premenopausal osteoporosis causes.

If you are a female between 25 and 50 years old and you experienced any of the mentioned below symptoms, you might be at risk for developing premenopausal osteoporosis:

1. Low weight for the height relation.

2. History of digestive disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

3. History of anorexia or any other eating disorders.

4. Sensitivity to gluten.

5. Irregular menstrual periods.

6. Excessive smoking and/or alcohol consumption.

7. Major health conditions like diabetes, AIDS, autoimmune disorders, liver or kidney disease.

8. History of taking any blood thinning or steroid-based prescription medications.

9. Childhood or recent bone fractures of any kind.

10. Sedentary lifestyle with very little exercise and outside exposure can greatly contribute to premenopausal osteoporosis.

The first step in finding the right treatment in your particular case of premenopausal osteoporosis is finding the culprit for low bone mass. Your doctor will recommend you take daily measures to avoid additional injuries and strategies you can implement on increasing your bone strength. Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and taking high quality calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium and potassium supplements should be at the foundation of your premenopausal osteoporosis therapy. Getting more sun exposure and incorporating more strength and resistance exercises will help you treat osteoporosis naturally, build stronger muscles around your bones will eventually increase your own bone density.

Depending on the extent of your premenopausal osteoporosis your doctor might recommend you undergo a bisphosphonates medications therapy or reclast infusion injections that will help you increase the density of your bones.