Top 10 Reasons to Choose No Touch Laser Eye Surgery

No Touch Laser Eye SurgeryNo touch laser eye surgery has many advantages comparing to traditional LASIK surgery:

1. With no touch laser eye surgery no corneal flap is created. This means far fewer complication risks and results that are more effective. Less invasive procedures are usually a better option.

2. Better results are a benefit of choosing the no touch method of laser eye surgery. The laser eye surgery price will vary depending on the exact procedure being done, but in most cases a no touch option may be more effective for the same cost<. 3. Only laser light is used with no touch laser eye surgery. There are no surgical cutting instruments or incisions made, so there is less damage to surrounding tissues that may take longer to heal, or affect the outcome of your procedure. 4. The corneal surface is the only part of your eye affected by PRK laser eye surgery. With some methods the tissues deeper down are affected by the process, but this is not the case with PRK options.

5. The computerized system prevents human error and many preventable laser eye surgery complications. No touch surgery is guided by a computer program, so no human hands or errors are a factor.

6. No touch laser eye surgery is much simpler than many other laser eye procedures in ophthalmology. Very little equipment is needed, and afterward the pain and discomfort is far less than many other methods that can be used. We encourage you to read through laser eye surgery reviews online before picking up a laser surgery provider.

7. All-laser LASIK is a simple and relatively painless procedure, one that often only takes minutes to complete. You do not have to go through the usual surgical procedures or spend hours in the office or outpatient center.

8. No touch laser eye surgery has a faster healing time than other methods. This allows you to get back to normal much faster.

9. Your eye surface heals smoother with no touch laser procedures. This means a much lower chance of scarring or problems in your vision afterward.

10. With no touch laser eye surgery the risk of all of the possible complications are minimized. There is less chance of infection, poor results, complications caused by a corneal flap, and other problems with no touch methods of laser eye surgery.