Top 10 Renal Diet Foods

Renal Diet FoodsMany conditions and diseases require us to make lifestyle changes, and whether you have an ectopic kidney or are in need of a renal failure diet, you’re sure to find something on our list of top 10 renal diet foods that will leave your stomach full and satisfied.

1. Cabbage: Such a versatile ingredient, cabbage is thought to help battle free radicals and provide oh-so-good-for-you vitamins. Because it is tasty cooked or raw, it can go from coleslaw to soup in a flash.

2. Garlic: Since you’re not going to find salt on a list of renal diet foods, having options for spicing your dishes up is important. Garlic not only provides loads of flavor, it prevents build up on your teeth and lowers cholesterol.

3. Onions: Potassium rich and abundant in flavor, onions are an incredibly important part of any diet where flavor is required. Adding them to soups and stews or piling them raw on a sandwich, the only bad thing about onions is the breath they leave behind.

4. Cranberries: The age old urinary tract infection preventers were a no brainer on the list of renal diet foods. Tasty, good for you and packed with nutrients, these tiny morsels make renal diet restrictions pretty yummy.

5. Grapes: For those of you on a renal diet calling for reduced fluids, grapes are a great way to quench your thirst in tiny, flavorful bursts. Enjoyed as a frozen treat or on a salad, grapes are the heart healthy option that your kidneys will thank you for.

6. Olive Oil: A low sodium and desirable fatty acid containing oil, this tasty Mediterranean staple will flavor up anything you want to cook, grill, marinate or coat it in.

7. Cherries: Tasty, inflammation reducing, globes of goodness, cherries are a great addition to many renal diet recipes, or just as wonderful when enjoyed on their own.

8. Apples: Known for so many healthful benefits, apples are also kidney friendly and a versatile and tasty addition to the list of renal diet foods. Enjoy plain or in your favorite dish.

9. Cauliflower: High in fiber and vitamin C, this odd looking vegetable soaks up a lot of flavor and makes a great addition to stir fry’s or simply loaded with your favorite dip in the raw.

10. Red Bell Peppers: Tasty, vitamin packed, and low in potassium, these yummy bells can liven up any dish you are making and is a yummy addition to the list of renal diet foods.