Top 10 Restaurant Foods that Cause Heartburn

Foods that Cause HeartburnIf you tend to visit restaurants to grab a quick bite from time to time and you suffer from persistent acid indigestion and bloating, it is helpful to know which foods might trigger your heartburn symptoms at your local restaurants:

1. Fried foods might be your favorite and you simply can not resist the crunchy-salty appeal of French fries, onion rings and buffalo chicken wings, unfortunately, these items are on the top of our acid reflux foods to avoid list.

2. Dishes that include tomato-based sauces are also known as foods that cause heartburn and bloating after meals. Acidity in tomatoes paired with addition of spices in pizza, pasta sauces and tomato soups can ruin any hiatus hernia diet follower.

3. White bread products contain too much sugar and simple starches and should also be considered as foods that cause heartburn.

4. Citrus fruits might add tang and flavor to your favorite dishes, however they might spike your stomach acid levels and bring the worst attack of acid indigestion to your plate.

5. Fatty sauces and dressings can turn even healthy foods into foods that cause heartburn. Avoid any dished that contain high amounts of butter, cream and oil or ask to serve sauces on the side so you can control how much sauce goes into your dish.

6. Heavily spiced foods from your local Mexican, Thai or Chinese restaurant might be flavorful and palatable, however, the extra spices, garlic, onions and chili peppers are capable of causing the worst acid indigestion attack.

7. Alcohol like wine, beer or hard liquor should be considered as one of the worst foods that cause heartburn among all restaurant foods.

8. Coffee and carbonated beverages trigger an overproduction of stomach juices and should be avoided by all means.

9. Peppermint is a surprising but a mighty contributor to foods that cause heartburn, so skip that mojito drink or a peppermint sprig served along of your fruit bowl.

10. Chocolate due to its high fat content should also be mentioned along foods that cause heartburn and avoided in your hiatus hernia diet, so your next fondue treat is out.

Keeping a food diary might be helpful in identifying foods that cause heartburn in your unique case.