Top 10 Secrets of Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Surgery

Rhinoplasty Cosmetic SurgeryRhinoplasty cosmetic surgery is at most times an elective surgical procedure to change the nasal appearance uniformly to the other facial features. Before choosing such surgery, it is best to research the rhinoplasty cost and what’s included as well as choosing from the best rhinoplasty surgeons for the results you are looking for. Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery can be the procedure of choice if a surgeon believes you to be a good candidate.

The following include 10 secrets of rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery:

1. There are variations of rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery, one of which is ethnic rhinoplasty. This is often performed as a wide nose rhinoplasty where the nose is narrowed a bit for a more appealing appearance.

2. Deviated septum rhinoplasty will correct the nasal septum which has deviated away from the midline. This will correct problems with breathing, nosebleeds, facial pain, and even headaches which were due to the crooked nose.

3. Closed rhinoplasty is the reconstruction of the nose from within the nostril cavity.

4. Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery is sometimes covered by insurance companies. This would usually be true for the structure of the nose causing problems with breathing, blowing the nose, nose bleeding, and even facial pressure and pain.

5. There are times that revision rhinoplasty is needed due to the fact that the original procedure was not adequate and results were not up to expectations.

6. It is suggested that rhinoplasty be done only after an individual has finished their growth spurt. It is not recommended for younger teens.

7. There are several types of procedures which plastic surgeons perform. Each will have their own techniques to get the new desired nose. Cartilage is sometimes trimmed. Nostrils will be addressed. The septum can be restructured.

8. Although it may take only 5 or so days to recover from surgery, it may be months before the end results of the rhinoplasty can really be noticed.

9. After the rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery, it should take approximately one week before the bruising disappears. However, it takes almost two or three weeks for swelling to diminish.

10. Numbness at the nasal tip will be present for many weeks after surgery.