Top 10 Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

Side Effects of Quitting SmokingIt is a common knowledge that smoking is detrimental to our health both emotional and physical, smoking kills, but we still light cigarette after cigarette. Are we afraid of undergoing through the harsh side effects of quitting smoking? This article will shed some light on the possible side effects of quitting smoking and how to make them easier on you.

We can not emphasize enough how important your decision to quit smoking is and how healing it’s going to be for your overall health in the long run. Increased blood circulation, enhanced immune system, less coughing and mucus discharge, fewer sinus and respiratory infections, lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, these are just a few benefits of giving up smoking.

If you are determined to stop smoking for good here’s a review of top 10 possible side effects of quitting smoking. Some people experience just a few of them while others feel none at all:

1. You might feel sad and mildly depressed as the routine of your day changes and there’s no familiar feel of cigarettes in your hands and mouth.

2. Feelings of boredom are quite common side effects of quitting smoking as you might start realizing that smoking takes a lot of time throughout your day. Creating new daily rituals to replace smoking can be beneficial to successfully continue your smoking cessation.

3. Anger, anxiety and irritability are all temporary side effects of quitting smoking that will soon pass. Nicotine withdrawal timeline is different for everyone but the first 72 hours without nicotine are the hardest. Reward yourself by doing something special as getting a massage, watching a movie or going on a trip.

4. Along with emotional side effects of quitting smoking there are some physical ones as well. You might develop a headache, mild tremors, feeling too cold or too hot, these are all normal nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

5. Increased coughing, sinus discharge and wheezing indicated that your body is in the process of nicotine detoxification.

6. Your sleep patterns might change as well. Some people report frequent night awakenings, night sweats and insomnia.

7. Indigestion, constipation and bloatedness might also accompany your smoking cessation. Nicotine is a strong stimulant and your body will soon learn to naturally regulate digestion without the stimulants.

8. Gum sensitivity and bleeding, changes to your taste of smell and taste are possible nicotine gum side effects if you take it to make quitting easier.

9. General feelings of discomfort and tiredness are very common.

10. Nicotine is a powerful drug and you might also experience some unusual pains you have never felt before in your muscles, chest and virtually anywhere.

While there are some side effects of quitting smoking, understanding all the benefits of giving up smoking you are going to gain might make smoking cessation easier for you.