Top 10 Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Side Effects of Sleep DeprivationSome famous people throughout the world history were known to naturally survive on very little sleep and not being significantly affected by it like Napoleon or Margaret Thatcher. Unfortunately, most of us can dramatically suffer from side effects of sleep deprivation.

Here’s a listing of top 10 side effects of sleep deprivation:

1. Impaired alertness and productivity as a result of sleep deprivation can affect our daily activities making us more prone to accidents, fatal mistakes and poor quality of life.

2. Cases of blurred vision, slurred speech, muscle weakness, headaches and general irritability were reported in some people suffering from sleep deprivation.

3. Weight gain is one of the unfortunate side effects of sleep deprivation. People who are not getting enough sleep every night tend to develop unhealthy food cravings in search to find comfort to compensate for the tiredness.

4. Weakened immune system can result from your inability to get proper sleep and make you prone to get sick more often as your body’s defense mechanisms are down.

5. People who continually have trouble sleeping are at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and, in some cases, a stroke.

6. In severe cases of sleeplessness, sleep deprivation depression can emerge as a result of little sleep making it even more difficult to fall and stay asleep greatly complicating the problem.

7. Mental health problems can be triggered by sleep deprivation and need to be carefully evaluated by a psychiatrist.

8. Hallucinations are also common if a person is unable to sleep for a number of days at a time.

9. Some of the serious side effects of sleep deprivation in children can manifest themselves in hyperactivity and even attention deficit disorder.

10. The last and the most serious of all side effects of sleep deprivation is a sleep deprived coma when some bodily functions are shut down as a defense mechanism against sleep deprivation.

Making your sleep a priority among your busy life activities and learning more about natural sleep remedies will help you relax and fall asleep faster.

If you suspect you are experiencing severe side effects of sleep deprivation it’s important for you to see your physician to help you find and take care of the root causes of sleep deprivation.