Top 10 Smoking Related Diseases List

Smoking Related DiseasesIt’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health, but some people may not understand just how many conditions are related to lighting up. While we don’t expect this list to send you racing to the nearest clinic for laser treatment to stop smoking, we do hope that you will at least consider that smokers die, on average, 13 or 14 years younger than non smokers. In some cases, this is from chronic illness, and in other cases it’s from preventable diseases. We hope that you will look over this list of the top 10 smoking related diseases and consider whether you are willing to continue to risk your health for a habit.

1. Lung Cancer and other damage: it’s no secret that the incidence of lung cancer is higher in smokers. Considering that the tender lungs are the organs that receive the most abuse every time you inhale, your lungs will quickly absorb the benefits of quitting smoking and from the moment you stop puffing, they start healing.

2. Bladder Cancer: You may be surprised to find out that this cancer of your urine storage device can be caused from smoking, but you should be less surprised when you consider how frequently smoking and cancer are related. In the case of bladder cancer, being a smoker is one of the largest risk factors for developing this condition.

3. Heart Disease: This condition is unfortunately becoming more common; however smoking and heart disease are intimately linked, with the occurrence being more frequent in smokers than in non smokers. In fact, it’s one of the most common, and dangerous amongst smoking related diseases.

4. COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder is one that can make everyday uncomfortable. Its respiratory effects are exacerbated in smokers and it’s relatively common amongst smoking related diseases.

5. Fertility Issues: Smoking can shut down your baby factories and smoking and erectile dysfunction have been linked as well. The body simply doesn’t want to function as well when it’s packed full of toxins and carcinogens and your reproductive system may suffer.

6. Ulcers: You may not think that ulcers can be considered smoking related diseases, but their prevalence in smokers compared to nonsmokers is tough to ignore. Whether it’s a result of the gastrointestinal tract’s rejection of the pollutants or irritation associated from same, ulcers that can be painful and uncomfortable are common in people who smoke.

7. Periodontal Disease: Just because smoke passes quickly through the mouth to ravage the rest of your insides, it doesn’t mean that it’s not doing some damage along the way. Periodontal disease, which can be painful, is reportedly higher in smokers.

8. Cataracts: Don’t think that your eyes are being damaged every time you inhale? Think again! There are some smoking related diseases that affect your peepers and cataracts are one of them! While people develop them whether they smoke or not, you are more likely to do so if you are craving cancer sticks.

9. Asthma: People can develop this respiratory ail, however it can be brought on or exacerbated by smoking. It’s important that people who have asthma don’t smoke as attacks can be more frequent as more and more damage is done to the sensitive pulmonary system.

10. Pneumonia: It’s well known that pneumonia can be caused by bacteria and viruses; however a compromised system that has been made less than healthy from smoking is much more susceptible to receiving this potentially dangerous condition.