Top 10 St John’s Wort Benefits

St John's Wort Benefits1. Depression Treatment- One of the scientifically proven St John’s Wort benefits is that this herb increases serotonin levels in the brain. This effect is the reason that the herb is commonly used to treat depression.

2. Anxiety Treatment- With the proper St John’s Wort dosage the herb can be effective for treating anxiety and related conditions. The effect that St. John’s Wort has on many of the neurotransmitters in the brain makes it a good choice for this disorder.

3. Smoking Cessation Support- St John’s Wort can help lessen the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that you experience when you stop smoking cigarettes.

4. PMS Treatment- Treating PMS is one of the top St John’s Wort benefits for many women. The use of this herb can minimize or even eliminate the symptoms of PMS and provide relief.

5. Obsessive Compulsive Treatment- St John’s Wort depression treatment is well known. What is less known is that this herb can also help treat obsessive compulsive disorder and certain other mental health conditions. When combined with therapy to treat OCD, the results achieved can be even better that simply using St John’s Wort alone.

6. Antiviral Benefits- This natural medicine contains antiviral properties and can help your body fight off viruses and other invaders more effectively. Some of the compounds and chemicals in St John’s Wort may become stuck to the virus surface, preventing the virus from combining with the cells in the body.

7. Scabies Treatment- One of the top St John’s Wort benefits is the treatment of scabies when this herb is included in a salve. The salve can eliminate scabies without using any dangerous chemicals or harsh pesticides.

8. Migraine Treatment- One of the St John’s Wort side effects is a migraine headache for some individuals. When a migraine is already present St John’s Wort can be used to treat this condition and eliminate your symptoms.

9. Improved Thyroid Function- Increased thyroid function is one of the top St John’s Wort benefits. In cases of hypothyroidism this herb may eliminate the need for medications to treat this condition.

10. Alcohol Detoxification- St John’s Wort tea can help reduce alcohol cravings when alcohol addiction is an issue. Detox can be less stressful and involve fewer cravings when this herb is used.