Top 10 St John’s Wort Side Effects

St John's Wort Side Effects1. Upset stomach. One of the most common St John’s Wort side effects is an upset stomach. This herb can cause some stomach distress, and this side effect can be troublesome but is not usually serious and goes away if the herb use is stopped.

2. Dizziness. There are many St John’s Wort benefits but also many possible side effects as well. One of the top problems experienced while taking this herb is dizziness.

3. Restlessness. Some individuals using this herb experience restlessness and inability to sit still or focus and concentrate.

4. Photosensitivity. One of the more serious St John’s Wort side effects is an increase in sun sensitivity. Individuals who experience this symptom will suddenly develop sunburn like rash on the skin.

5. Internal Bleeding. A high St John’s Wort dosage can increase the possibility of internal bleeding caused by this herb. Symptoms include vomit that resembles old coffee grounds, bleeding from any orifice, and stools that may be tarry or black.

6. Tingling or numbness of the extremities is another common side effect that may be possible when using this herb.

7. Blood Coagulation Problems. Another one of the serious St John’s Wort side effects is unusual bruising or bleeding. Some individuals may experience complications caused by the herb that can lead to severe bruising without any obvious cause.

8. Skin Irritation. Using St John’s Wort oil directly on the skin or in any bodily orifice without diluting the oil first, can cause irritation and possibly inflammation. The oil is strong, and may be difficult to wash off if skin irritation occurs.

9. An allergic reaction is one of the possible St John’s Wort side effects, and this reaction may range from mild to severe with the potential to become fatal. If any signs of an allergic reaction appear immediate medical treatment should be sought as soon as possible to prevent organ damage and death.

10. Sleep problems. This herb can be one of the common causes of sleep deprivation, because it can cause problems with the sleep cycle.