Top 10 Statin Alternatives Lowering Cholesterol

Statin AlternativesStatin alternatives are becoming more popular with patients who want to avoid the numerous side effects linked to statin drugs. Some are non-statin medications. However, many are natural ingredients you can obtain without a prescription. The top 10 statin alternatives listed below will help you and your doctor will find the right course of treatment to lower your high cholesterol.

1. Pantethine – This dietary supplement is found in health food stores all over the world. Great for keeping both good and bad cholesterol levels in check, pantethine is safe and effective.

2. Niacin – Niacin is one of many statin alternatives that are used to increase HDL levels. This supplement can also get rid of bad cholesterol fairly quickly.

3. Policosanol – If you want to try natural remedies for high cholesterol, you have to give policosanol a try. You will get lasting results if you use this in place of a statin.

4. Red yeast rice extract – This supplement is made from fermented rice. As unappealing as it sounds, doctors have been including it on their cholesterol medications list for years because it is extremely effective.

5. Psyllium – Effective in lowering high cholesterol, you will find psyllium in most whole grain breakfast cereals.

6. Soy protein isolate – Soy protein isolate lower your bad cholesterol with regular usage. However, it does not decrease or increase the good cholesterol levels. You will also find soy protein in many cholesterol lowering foods, naturally.

7. Omega-3 – Almost everyone has heard of omega-3, but few people know what it does. This alternative to statin regulates cholesterol by decrease triglycerides and LDL.

8. Artichoke extract – This supplement works to decrease the production of bile and eliminates bad cholesterol LDL levels.

9. Folic Acid – Folic acid is essential to pregnant women, and for good reason. This natural occurring element is one of the best known of all statin alternatives.

10. Coenzyme Q10 – Found in almost all multivitamins, coenzyme q10 is one of the cheaper statin alternatives around. You can take a pretty large dose to help lower your cholesterol without putting your health at risk.