Top 10 Stop Smoking Aids

Stop Smoking AidsQuitting smoking is not easy. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either crazy or lying. To cope with the difficulty of battling a smoking addition, stop smoking aids are becoming increasingly more popular. They come in many forms and are designed to combat not just a chemical addition, but also to help battle the habitual addiction and the physical addiction as well. While there are many hokey theories and remedies purported to help you kick the habit, finding someone to perform stop smoking hypnosis on you might be difficult and expensive. Laser treatment to stop smoking is experimental and unproven. There are even people that claim that acupuncture to stop smoking is effective, however for people who don’t fancy needles or large bills, this may not be a feasible route. If you’re stuck in a rut and know you want to put down the cancer sticks but don’t know how to start, consider some of our top 10 stop smoking aids to help take some of the edge off. No product can guarantee that you will ditch the stick, but many of them have a great track record of positive results and the benefits of giving up smoking are well worth giving one or more of these products a shot!

1. Nicoderm CQ Patches: Anyone who has considered quitting smoking has likely heard of Nicoderm. By delivering nicotine via a hidden clear patch placed on the skin, it can help calm cravings for the additive component of cigarettes.

2. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Australian Chewing Sticks: An oddity amongst stop smoking aids, these sticks can freshen your breath and keep teeth clean. The benefit to smokers? Occupying the mouth and removing the need to curb your physical habit of keeping your mouth occupied.

3. Nic Out Filters: An ingenious product that is placed on the filter of the cigarette that removes the amount of nicotine that you receive with every light up. This progressive robbing of the addictive elements in cigarettes is a weaning method that still allows you to smoke during the cessation.

4. Natura Bio Smoking Withdrawal Tablets: The purpose of these pills is to help reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, a common feature of many stop smoking aids. Their purpose is to help you deal with the anxiety and aggravation of kicking the habit.

5. ZeroSmoke: It’s likely that you have never heard of ZeroSmoke, a product that involves two magnets strategically placed on the ear. According to the manufacturer, the proper placement of these magnets promotes auricular therapy that is said to help you curb your cravings.

6. Nicorette Burst Spearmint Gum: Gums have been a mainstay amongst stop smoking aids for decades, and the reason they are so popular is because they are safe, effective and inexpensive. Not only do they provide nicotine to a craving body, they also keep the mouth busy which can help with a habit hampering.

7. Smoke Deter: This sublingual spray is designed to be sprayed in the mouth to help combat the symptoms of withdrawal and also to detoxify the body from a buildup of harmful substances that are caused by chronic cigarette smoking.

8. Quit Tea: Who would have thought there would be a tea amongst stop smoking aids? This soothing, herbal tea contains herbs like valerian root that can help relieve the stress, anxiety and irritability associated with kicking the habit.

9. NicoSpan Strips: They’re strips! Well, they’re nicotine strips that taste like peppermint anyways. These clear, dissolvable rectangles are used by people in situations where they can’t smoke, but they are also useful for people who are trying to wean off of cigarettes completely.

10. Chantix: This prescription medication has shown breakthrough promise in helping people quit smoking. It’s very popular because the nicotine withdrawal timeline is very precise and users can smoke during the first week of treatment while the medicine builds up in the system, making quitting less painful.