Top 10 Stress Reducers

Stress ReducersLiving with stress is not only a threat to good health, quality of life and well being is sabotaged when continual stress is a daily part of life. Relief can be obtained by using stress reducers to manage stress levels. These stress reducers will also play a role in dealing with panic attacks as well as other anxiety disorders.

The following includes the top 10 stress reducers:

1. Eleuthero, Maitake, Gotu Kola, and Wild Yam are among suggested herbs for stress which have been used for many years.

2. Deep breathing exercises along with meditation will relax the mind and body of stress, leading you to put your mind in a more relaxed place to reduce stress.

3. Guided imagery is a technique which utilizes one’s imagination to promote relaxation and better health. With proper guidance, one will learn to use the imagination in a positive, productive way.

4. Healthy exercise is a sure way to alleviate mental and bodily stress. Not only is it a distraction to stress causing situations, endorphins are also raised for an overall better feeling. You can follow simple easy workout routines to avoid unnecessary burden.

5. When using visualization techniques, one will imagine attainable goals being achieved.

6. Music therapy has been used for calming babies as well as reducing stress for someone of any age.

7. Autogenic relaxation is a technique used across the world. An individual will become consciously aware of his or her own bodily functions including the heart, metabolism and more.

8. Herbal remedies for anxiety such as St. John’s wort, Valerian tincture, passion flower, and Kava root are dually known as stress reducers.

9. Learning techniques of self-hypnosis will help one gain control over stress levels through a combination of guided imagery and visualization.

10. One of the stress reducers used for over 5000 years is yoga. With yoga, breathing, movement, imagery, and meditation are combined to eliminate stress.