Top 10 Stroke Risk Factors – Are You at Risk?

Stroke Risk FactorsSome people are able to avoid having a stroke by staying alert and healthy. Unfortunately, many stroke risk factors are simply unavoidable. Here are the top 10 reasons that you could possibly have a stroke.

1. Old age – As people get older, they naturally start to show more blocked arteries symptoms. There is really nothing that you can do to prevent your arteries becoming clogged at an older age besides eating a healthy diet for the majority of your life.

2. Genetic factors – If several of your family members have had an embolic stroke, you have a major risk factor. Family history is used in part to help to determine those that are most at risk.

3. Tobacco usage – Smoking cigarettes, using chewing tobacco and sniffing snuff can cause the signs of a stroke to develop because of their major impact on the heart and circulatory system.

4. Obesity – Overweight and obese patients put their heart and lungs under increased stress, which can lead to stroke.

5. Unhealthy eating habits – Not everyone that eats a diet rich in fatty foods ends up becoming overweight. However, stroke risk factors associated with unhealthy eating habits are a major contributor to clogged arteries.

6. High blood pressure – If our blood pressure is naturally on the high side, you are more at risk of having a major or mini-stroke.

7. Heart, blood and long related illnesses – Those that have had a heart attack, stroke or blood clot in the past may be more aware of pre stroke symptoms. However, these people will also be more likely to have increased stroke risk factors as well.

8. Gender – Women are unfortunately at a higher risk of having clogged arteries. For this reason, many stroke recovery programs are geared toward females.

9. Ethnicity – At least in the United States, race is routinely used as one of the stroke risk factors.

10. Diabetes – Diabetics can suffer from a host of side effects from not taking the right amount of insulin, eating a bad diet or becoming dehydrated. This includes the risk of stroke.