Top 10 Surprising Magnesium Rich Foods

Magnesium Rich FoodsMagnesium is an essential trace element required for proper maintenance of bones and muscles. In case of inadequate supply or eating few magnesium rich foods, magnesium deficiency symptoms can occur which includes fatigue, vomiting, weakness, nausea, restless leg syndrome, anxiety and sleep disorders.

In case of deficiency, supplementation will be required. Magnesium mineral supplements are available in many forms. Magnesium citrate is a recommended form of mineral supplement as it is easily absorbed in that form. A supplement called natural calm magnesium contains the mineral in the citrate form.

Supplements in the form of magnesium malate can be effective for health conditions like fibromyalgia (weakness and fatigue of muscles). Combinations of Zinc magnesium vitamin B6 in supplements can be great for several nutritional deficiencies. Consult your doctor before taking magnesium mineral supplementation.

Here are the top 10 surprising magnesium rich foods :

1. Snails – Sea food is an excellent source of magnesium.

2. Potato chips – Sweet potatoes are very good sources of the essential mineral. Just bake your chips in the oven to make them even healthier.

3. Coffee, espresso – Excellent source of magnesium. Consider having the coffee decaffeinated, if you tend to have more of it.

4. Peppermint – Apart from having a pleasant aroma, this herb also supplies magnesium.

5. Watermelon seeds – If you are eating the fleshy part and leaving the seeds, you should know that the seeds are one of the magnesium rich foods.

6. Mexican tea – Epazote leaves are excellent sources of the mineral. Infuse them in tea for the added benefits of relaxation.

7. Molasses, blackstrap – This tasty sweetener packs good amounts of magnesium. Consider using it to sweeten your coffees and desserts for obtaining the mineral.

8. Amaranth leaves – Many only enjoy amaranth grains, leaving the magnesium rich part which is the leaf. Therefor, consider supplementing your diet with magnesium rich foods such as the leaves.

9. Paprika – Spices like paprika are magnesium rich foods. Consider also using this hot spice for its added benefits of taste and heat.

10. Basil leaves – Food smells delicious when basil leaves are added. However, not many people realize that they are good sources of magnesium.