Top 10 Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel SyndromeWe did a little research and combined a list of top 10 symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome:

1. Tingling

One of the most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is tingling hands and fingers. You may feel like your hand and arm have fallen asleep and have pins and needles.

2. Numbness

Numbness, including a numb big toe or fingers, are often a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome or other similar disorders. If not treated this may lead to permanent damage.

3. Aching

Common neuritis symptoms include aching in the affected area. You may notice your hand, wrist, and arm ache for no reason, and this ache can become severe or interfere with your daily activities.

4. Pain in Extremities

Pain is a frequent symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. If your feet are affected by this type of disorder then eventually finger or toe pain can progress to finger or toe numbness. Over the counter pain medicines and home treatments may help, but if these are not effective you may need to see your doctor.

5. Burning Sensation

A burning sensation is a sign that there is a problem, and this can be a hard symptom to ignore. If you have poor circulation in feet and hands you may eventually notice the burning can become severe and other symptoms may also occur more frequently.

6. Unexplained Weakness

Weakness is one of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This weakness may leave you unable to perform even the simplest tasks at times.

7. Dropping Items Frequently

One sign of this condition is frequently dropping items that you are holding. In both carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome the weakness, numbness and poor circulation in hands may cause you to let go of an item you are holding accidentally.

8. Sleep Disruptions

One of the most disturbing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is the fact that you may wake many times in the night due to pain and discomfort. This can leave you sleep deprived as well as injured. It could also lead to a serious condition known as sleep deprivation depression.

9. Swelling

If you notice hand or foot swelling that occurs frequently you may want to see your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment. This can be a sign of a serious condition like carpal tunnel syndrome.

10. Inflammation

Inflammation can often be one of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. As the affected area becomes inflamed it will hurt when you move or use it. Overuse can make this issue worse.