Top 10 Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection

Symptoms of Urinary Tract InfectionA urinary tract infection originates in the kidneys, ureters, urethra, or bladder, all components of the urinary system. There is a possibility of any area of the urinary system becoming infected. However, most often this condition is within the lower urinary tract area, which is the urethra and bladder. Women are more prone to urinary infections than men. Urinary tract infection antibiotics are the standard treatments for a urinary tract infection. Some may choose to use a urinary tract infection home remedy such as drinking pure cranberry juice along with consuming plenty of water. Although some are more common than others, there are some distinct symptoms of urinary tract infection.

The following are 10 symptoms of urinary tract infection:

1. Experiencing burning and/or pain when urinating is most likely one of the first signs there is an infection present.

2. There may be an urgency to urinate even though at times you are unable to urinate.

3. Urge incontinence, or an uncontrolled release of urine is another one of the common symptoms of urinary tract infection as well.

4. A heaviness or dull ache in the abdomen is often experienced along with a urinary tract infection.

5. Urine tinged in red or pink, or dark colored urine, wound need attention for possible infection.

6. A noticeable foul odor to urine is also one of the symptoms of urinary tract infection.

7. Another one of the common symptoms of urinary tract infection is the presence of cloudy or murky urine.

8. If the previous symptoms are accompanied with low back pain, or flank pain, suspicions of a urinary tract infection are probably correct.

9. One may also experience chills and fever when a urinary infection is present.

10. In some cases, symptoms of urinary tract infection include nausea, and even vomiting as well.