Top 10 Teeth Alignment Healthy Facts

Teeth AlignmentTaking measures for proper teeth alignment is not always just for children and early teens. Orthodontics treatment has recently become more common for adults, as well, due to various conditions ranging from facial pain to post orthognathic surgery procedures. With adult orthodontics, teeth alignment methods range from traditional braces to a newer product called invisalign which is a clear unnoticeable alignment device. Although the clear braces concept is an attractive idea, the invisalign cost is close to $5,000 for such orthodontic appliances.

The following are 10 teeth alignment healthy facts:

1. Teeth alignment is a positive treatment for myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome which includes jaw discomfort, clenching or grinding of teeth, and chewing difficulties.

2. Proper teeth alignment will improve the quality of chewing which leads to better digestion.

3. The threat of cavities, gum disease such as gingivitis, and tooth decay is lessened since dental hygiene is more effective for aligned teeth.

4. With proper teeth alignment, there is less chance of breaking a tooth, especially when biting into something hard and crusty.

5. Speech difficulties including lisping can be a result of improper teeth alignment.

6. Improper teeth alignment, which sometimes leads to distorted facial features, can lead to psychological issues like a lower self esteem.

7. When jaw clenching or teeth grinding occurs because of misaligned teeth, recurrent headaches are commonly transpired due to continuous facial pressure.

8. TMJ or temporomandibular joint syndrome, a condition which causes jaw clicking and jaw pain, is often caused by teeth not being properly aligned.

9. Dizziness, earaches, and even insomnia are very often a result of inadequate teeth alignment.

10. Various joint issues and lower back pain are frequently resolved with proper teeth alignment.

With proper teeth alignment, it is highly probable that various related health issues will be resolved.