Top 10 Things to Know about Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy1. Peripheral neuropathy can include a wide range of different symptoms, depending on which nerves are affected. These symptoms may be mild or severe, and usually gradually get worse without treatment.

2. Neuropathy pain common sign of nerve damage. You may notice burning, tingling, sharp pains, and even an uneven sense of sensation. Eventually a loss of sensation will occur if the nerve damage continues.

3. There are over one hundred different kinds and types of peripheral neuropathy, and these are classified depending on which of the three main nerve types are affected as well as the symptoms and other relevant factors.

4. These disorders can be either inherited or acquired. Some genetic mutations may cause nerve disorders and damage, while diseases and infections are responsible in other cases. One example is diabetes causing neuropathy in feet.

5. Peripheral neuropathy can be acute or chronic, depending on the pace of the symptom onset and the severity of the condition. In acute cases symptoms start suddenly, while chronic cases develop over a longer period of time.

6. Often these neuropathy conditions can be treated<. The treatment methods and success rates will depend on what is causing it and the symptoms that you are experiencing. In some cases treatment can not eliminate the symptoms but can help you manage them better. 7. Mononeuropathy is the specific type of peripheral neuropathy that only involves one nerve. In these cases your symptoms will correspond directly to the nerve that is damaged. 8. Polyneuropathy is the type that involves more than one nerve, and your symptoms may be more complex. Each nerve damaged will cause certain symptoms, and the combination caused by multiple nerves damaged may make it harder to diagnose your condition. Usually all your limbs are affected. 9. Some neuritis symptoms can become serious or even life threatening. If your autonomic nerves are affected then you may experience organ trouble or even failure, and these symptoms can require immediate medical attention or become fatal. If you notice any unusual or severe symptoms go to the nearest medical facility immediately.

10. The specific treatment for your peripheral neuropathy will depend on what your underlying causes are, as well as how severe your symptoms are. There are a number of treatments that can help improve your life if you have this condition.