Top 10 Underactive Thyroid Symptoms

Underactive Thyroid SymptomsHuman endocrine system is very gentle and knowing what could be signs of potential damage to it is important. Here is the list of top 10 underactive thyroid symptoms we came up with:

1. Fatigue – One of the most common underactive thyroid symptoms is fatigue, and this can be excessive in some cases. You may find it difficult to get through your daily activities at times if your thyroid is underactive.

2. Depressive Mood – Symptoms of low thyroid function often include depression. Both your mental and physical abilities are affected by this condition, and depression can become severe if your thyroid function is extremely low.

3. Concentration Problems – Underactive thyroid symptoms can include concentration issues. At times you may feel like you are in a fog and can not think straight.

4. Weight Gain That Is Unexplained – Thyroid weight gain can cause you to gain weight suddenly, without any changes in your diet or activity levels. This gain is caused by a low thyroid function and hormonal problems.

5. Muscle Cramps – Common underactive thyroid symptoms include muscle cramps. These cramps are a result of a hormone deficiency, and they can become severe if your thyroid problem is not treated.

6. Numerous Miscarriages – One of the most devastating hypothyroidism symptoms is frequent miscarriages and difficulties carrying a pregnancy to term. This is because proper balance is required for a successful pregnancy and birth, and low levels of thyroid hormones affect this process.

7. Infertility – In addition to increased miscarriages, if you have underactive thyroid symptoms you may be infertile and unable to conceive children at all without special infertility treatments aimed at increasing your hormones and thyroid function.

8. Skin Changes – You can notice skin changes as a sign of thyroid problems, with dry and flaky skin becoming a problem. In addition, thyroid weight loss can actually cause your skin to become even drier and thinner, further aggravating this symptom.

9. Menstrual Changes – One of the most noticeable low cortisol symptoms in women are changes in your usual menstrual cycle. You may notice your periods become irregular, and may be lighter or heavier than usual.

10. Coldness in Extremities – One of the underactive thyroid symptoms you may notice is that your hands and feet seem to be cold all the time. In you noticed any signs of poor circulation in hands that you have been experiencing for a while, it maybe a good sign to check with your health practitioner.