Top 10 Weight Lifting Workouts For Beginners

Weight Lifting WorkoutsWeight lifting workouts help build muscle while toning and shaping the body. There are many benefits to weight lifting workouts. As we age, we lose muscle. Muscle is a fat burning machine. Weight lifting workouts not only burn calories, but they also build muscles so that you will continue to burn calories at a higher rate. The popular boot camp workouts focus on weight lifting exercises and aerobic activity. People who are planning to start weight lifting workouts should first check with their physician. Weight lifting workouts for women and men should increase the amount of weight gradually over time. Starting with too much weight can cause injury. Fat burning workouts for men and women should concentrate on both weight training to build muscle and cardiovascular activity to burn calories. If you are an absolute beginner to weight lifting, it is a very good idea to have a few sessions with a personal trainer. Proper form is essential if you want to exercise safely and prevent injury. You should always warm up with about 5-10 minutes of gentle cardio activities like walking. End your workout with 5-10 more minutes of stretching and light cardio. Try to do 10 repetitions of each exercise. Over time you can increase the number of sets.

Here are ten exercises to get you started.

1. Crunches

2. Seated cable row

3. Lat pull down

4. Triceps pushdown

5. Leg Press

6. Overhead Press

7. Dead lift

8. Chest press

9. Squat

10. Biceps arm curl

Be sure to keep yourself hydrated during your work out. Weight training exercises should be done every other day to achieve maximum benefit. If you wish, you can do upper body weight training one day and lower body weight training the next. Or you can do the entire set of exercises one day and rest the next day.