Top 10 Zinc Rich Foods in Everyday’s Menu

Zinc Rich FoodsVitamins and minerals are absolutely essential to many body processes, and one particular mineral that you may not hear much about is zinc. Chances are that you don’t even know all of the zinc benefits that your body receives from this important mineral. Immune function, growth, wound healing and cell division along with protein synthesis and enzyme activity are areas of your body’s function that zinc is involved in. In fact, it’s so important that zinc deficiency symptoms can be debilitating, even affecting basic biological utilities such as tasting and smelling. The good news is that getting enough of this main mineral is fairly easy and achievable across a wide range of dietary preferences. Zinc rich foods are common in many diets, and we’ve put together a list of the best ten just for you. They’re all easy to get a hold of and incorporate accordingly into your dietetic regimen to make sure that you are keeping all of your senses and not experiencing any lack of zinc side effects from absence of this vital nutrient. So check out this list of the top 10 easy to find, easy to incorporate and delicious to eat zinc rich foods!

1. Oysters: While oysters are the preeminent zinc packed wonderfood, they aren’t necessarily feasible on everyone’s menu. They can be expensive, and those that are landlocked can find acquiring them to be a bit annoying. However, containing 493% of the daily value that your body needs of this mighty mineral means that it’s nearly as effective as zinc supplements at providing the quantity that your body needs. Even breaded and fried oysters are able to “shell” out 74 milligrams per serving meaning that if you are an avid oyster lover, you can toss the zinc magnesium supplements directly out the window and opt instead for a plate of Oysters Rockefeller.

2. Beef: The majority of people, particularly in Western areas, will see the largest part of zinc in their diets come from beef. Regardless of what type or cut of cattle you choose, you’re bound to squeeze some zinc out of red meat. A chuck roast will offer more per serving than a beef patty, at 5.3 milligrams or 35%, however many types and cuts of red meat are tasty zinc rich foods that are very easy to integrate into a diet.

3. Cereal: Many types of standard, grocery store breakfast cereal are now fortifying their products with essential vitamins and minerals. As such, many offer upwards of 25% of your recommended daily value of the stuff. So go ahead and feel like a kid again with a big bowl of sweetened cereal.

4. Baked Beans: A summertime staple that combines high nutrition with low prices, baked beans are a very tasty way to scoop up almost 3 grams of zinc, nearly 1/5 of what you need in a day. For vegetarians abstaining from animal products, the vegetarian baked bean options can provide zinc rich foods to the animal friendly crowd.

5. Chicken: Oysters and beef are often pretty tough protein options for kids to swallow, so if you’re looking for great zinc rich foods for kids, or simply a more lean meat for yourself, consider chicken. While all of the chicken will net you some zinc, the dark meat areas will at a rate of three times more!

6. Oatmeal: Even the pickiest of eaters can likely be swayed by the warm, sweet charms of oatmeal. Boasting 7% of your recommended daily value, starting your day with oatmeal will fill you up and put you on the right track for achieving your target zinc dosage for the rest of the day.

7. Yogurt: Filled with good bacteria but not with calories, there is another silver lining to this popular refrigerated sensation. Yogurt can help add 11% of your DV with every cup and with very little guilt too!

8. Milk: One of the most common of grocery essentials and most readily available zinc rich foods on our list is milk. The low fat or non fat versions both offer 1 mg. per serving which accounts for less than 10% of your DV. However, milk is a great supplemental source, perhaps enjoyed with some red meat and baked beans?

9. Almonds: A smart snack for the weight conscious or those looking for a protein boost, almonds also contain zinc, and that small handful you enjoy in the afternoon can give you over 5% of your DV in zinc without even thinking about it.

10. Cheese: We put it on sandwiches, eat it plain, make sticks out of it and use it in sauces. Because of the versatility of cheese, there was no way it could be left off our top 10 list of zinc rich foods. While only bearing between .9 and 1.2 mg. of zinc per serving, it’s ease of acquisition, wide variety of choices and multiple culinary applications make cheese a no brainer way to end our top 10 list!