Top 5 Affordable Hearing Aids

Affordable Hearing Aids1. Beltone Corus Hearing Aid

One of the most affordable hearing aids is the Beltone Corus if you want great quality at a mid range price. Priced much less than some of the other models out there, this hearing aid can help with high frequency hearing loss as well as other sources of partial deafness. This model is intended to be extremely small and stylish as well as functional, and the price is a steal when you consider all of the expenses that are included such as the fitting and testing.

2. Nexear 200 AFC Hearing Aid

At around four hundred dollars the Nexear 200 AFC is one of the more affordable hearing aids. Although this price may seem high if you have never purchased a hearing aid before, they can cost one thousand dollars or more for some models. Whether you suffer from single sided deafness or have problems in hearing with both ears this model can help you hear better without breaking the bank.

3. Beltone EDGE Hearing Aid

Another of the top five affordable hearing aids is the Beltone EDGE. This model is also from Beltone, a name known for affordable prices combined with top quality products when it comes to hearing aids. High pitched sounds are amplified, and the result is hearing which is normal and functional again.

4. Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aid

If you are looking for one of the top affordable hearing aids then the Acoustitone PRO may be just what you are looking for. Even if you have inner ear damage you may be able to use this model without any problems at all. The price is normally three hundred dollars or less, so it is definitely in the affordable range when it comes to hearing aids.

5. Beltone Mira Hearing Aid

The Beltone Mira is one of the affordable hearing aids which offers the quality of a digital device without the expensive price tag. The silencer technology prevents any background noises from interfering with your hearing, and you will be able to hear in almost any environment. It is possible to find waterproof hearing aids in many different models and styles, and a Beltone specialist can help you determine whether this or other models can be used with water or not.