Top 5 Arnica Gel Uses in Herbal Medicine

Arnica Gel UsesThere are various arnica gel uses that the average person does not know about. This herb is usually used as a pain reliever on the skin, but it does more than just sooth minor aches and pains. Here are the five most popular arnica gel uses.

1. Tooth pain relief – The next time that you have a severe toothache, try rubbing a little arnica gel on the base of the tooth. Arnica gel is commonly used after minor oral surgeries and after patients have had their teeth pulled. If you need to have your impacted wisdom teeth removed, you can use arnica as a temporary fix.

2. Deep tissue pain relief – There are plenty of topical gels that you can use to soothe the topmost layer of the skin, but arnica goes much deeper. You can get lasting arthritis pain relief, help to stop the pain associated with broken bones and alleviate pain after you have torn a muscle or ligament with arnica.

3. Gum and tongue health – Arnica doesn’t just help to alleviate tooth pain, it can be used in the entire mouth. If you have cuts or ulcers in the mouth, arnica will help to relieve the pain. Most arnica homeopathic home remedies related to mouth pain utilize the herb as a mouth rinse.

4. Insect bites and allergic reactions – Some arnica gel uses include relieving irritating insect bites. Because some insects inject a substance in the skin, you can also have an allergic reaction to a bite.

5. Swelling – Arnica health benefits include lessening swelling and inflammation. As the herb penetrates the skin and goes deeper in the tissue, it constricts blood vessels which alleviate swelling.

After reading all of these popular arnica gel uses, you should be able to find a way to make this herbal remedy work for you. Use it on your skin to alleviate inflammation, or make a simple mouth rinse to treat toothaches and sore gums. It is completely natural and safe to use, so it is even appropriate for small children when they get the seal of approval from their pediatricians.