Top 5 Disposable Electronic Cigarette Brands

Disposable Electronic CigaretteIn the recent years a new method for quitting smoking in the form of a disposable electronic cigarette is gaining increasing popularity. Although the method is controversial, more and more people are showing interest in E-cigarettes.

Other forms of nicotine replacement such as the use of nicotine patches, nasal sprays and gums can be effective, they often have side effects. Nicotine patches can cause skin rashes, nasal sprays and nicotine gum side effects can include headaches, stomach problems, sleep disorders and dizziness.

Many people report reduced to no interest in smoking real cigarettes after smoking a disposable electronic cigarette. Added to that, E-cigarettes also come in different flavors (subjected to controversy). Many brands add low quality toxic chemicals in their E-cigarettes and hence spending some in research about the brands that offer the best electronic cigarettes is wise.

Here are the top 5 disposable electronic cigarette brands:

1. Green Smoke offers high quality E-cigarettes with larger refill cartridges. The e-liquid is mild and does not burn your throat. This brand offers variety of flavors including tobacco.

2. Premium Electronic Cigarette brand is one of the top disposable electronic cigarette brands with consistent good consumer reviews. It also offers one of the best tobacco flavored cartridges.

3. Safe Cig is another brand with excellent user reviews. It is famous for its cartridge life and safety. It is also a legit brand with only basic flavors and no additional exotic fruity flavors that some E-cigarette brands use to attract non-smokers.

4. White Cloud brand has one of the best cartridges in terms of smooth draw. It is also one of the most popular and respected brands on the market.

5. Blu Cig brand is relatively new on the market but offer high quality E-cigarettes for very affordable prices. Their starter kits are probably one of the cheapest compared to those of other brands.

Although, experts recommend caution while using E-cigarettes, if you don’t want to be dealing nicotine withdrawal timeline side effects, smoking electronic cigarettes could be an option.