Top 5 L-Tyrosine Side Effects

L-Tyrosine Side Effects1. Nausea- One of the most common l-tyrosine side effects is nausea, and while this side effect is not usually serious, it can be troubling. In most cases there will be no side effects if this amino acid is supplemented. If the l-tyrosine dosage is excessive then nausea may occur. Usually this symptom will go away when the supplement use is stopped.

2. Headache- A headache is one of the top 5 l-tyrosine side effects experienced by most people, and this side effect usually occurs because the dose of the supplement is too large. The headache experienced can range from mild and bothersome to severe and excruciating, depending on the dose and the sensitivity of the individual involved. Stopping the supplement use will usually get rid of this symptom as well.

3. Heartburn- Heartburn is one of the most common side effects when amino acid supplements are used. Whether these amino acids are on the essential amino acids list or considered the non essential type heartburn can occur when they are taken. Normally the heartburn is not serious, and will go away within a reasonable time.

4. Insomnia- One of the top l-tyrosine side effects can be insomnia. One of the l-tyrosine benefits is increased mental alertness, but this benefit can cause trouble sleeping and insomnia as a result. Taking the supplement early in the day may eliminate this problem, so that the body has time to digest and use the amino acid before bedtime.

5. Overstimulation- Overstimulation is one of the typical l-tyrosine side effects, and some individuals may experience this symptom. If this side effect occurs after taking a tyrosine supplement then the product should be stopped immediately, and not started again until after checking with a physician. In rare cases in certain people with medical conditions this side effect can cause serious complications.