Top 5 Rosemary Tea Benefits

Rosemary Tea Benefits1. Antiseptic Properties- One of the top rosemary tea benefits is that it is a strong antiseptic. The tea can be used to disinfect mouth wounds for good oral hygiene and fresh breath. This is one of the rosemary herb benefits that can promote good health in other areas of the body as well. When consumed the tea provides an immune boosting effective and helps kill off harmful microorganisms in the body.

2. Improved Brain Function- This is another one of the top 5 rosemary tea benefits. This herb contains rosmarinic acid and many other antioxidants. These nutrients and compounds keep certain neurotransmitters in the brain including acetylcholine from breaking down. When these neurotransmitters are present longer and in larger amounts the brain function improves.

3. Poor Circulation Treatment- One of the best poor circulation remedies is rosemary. This herb also offers benefits for certain cardiovascular disorders. Rosemary contains certain compounds that improve blood circulation and help prevent blockages from forming. In addition rosemary improves the blood flow to the entire body including the brain. Rosemary can help treat or even prevent certain mental conditions including dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease that are linked with circulation.

4. Nutritional Support- Essential nutritional support is one of the top rosemary tea benefits. This herb is full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are needed for good health and physical fitness. A nutritional supplement is one of the most popular and common rosemary uses because this herb contains phytochemicals and antioxidants that are essential for a healthy mind and body.

5. Seizure Disorder Treatment- The mental rosemary tea benefits are numerous and go beyond simply improving memory and brain function. In some cases this herb has shown promising results in the treatment of focal epilepsy and certain other seizure disorders. Further clinical studies need to be performed but the initial conclusions concerning this tea have been very positive.