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5 Delicious Alkaline Diet Recipes You Shouldn’t Miss

alkaline diet recipesPeople choose an alkaline diet for all sorts of reasons. For some, it’s the purported alkaline diet cancer link, yet for others, it’s simply a matter of weight loss and getting in shape. Regardless of your reasons for choosing this type of dietetic change, you’re likely looking for ideas or even an alkaline muse to help you get started.

Alkaline Diet Plan For Weight Loss: Do’s and Don’ts!

alkaline diet planThe main function of a high alkaline diet is to balance the PH of the body, which supposedly will lead to overall better health and perhaps even stave off chronic illnesses. However, it has gained immense popularity as a new weight loss fad, and while many new weight loss plans are flops, there is some credibility behind one that is based on high alkaline menu options.

Top 10 Alkaline Diet Foods To Eat

Alkaline Diet FoodsSupporters of the high alkaline diet claim that by balancing the body’s PH levels, greater overall health can be achieved and chronic diseases can be prevented.

High Alkaline Diet – When Does It Help?

High Alkaline DietThe measure of how alkaline or acidic our bodies are is called our PH level. The number 0 represents total acidity, while 14 is indicative of total alkalinity.