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Flu Shot Ingredients – Are They Safe?

Flu Shot IngredientsAre flu shot ingredients safe? Although vaccine makers and many medical professionals believe that being vaccinated helps to prevent the flu, the seasonal flu vaccine and other varieties may contain a number of unsafe ingredients that can cause devastating effects in some children and adults. A wide variety of side effects and reactions have been seen in some people after receiving different types of flu shots and vaccinations to prevent against specific strains of the flu.

Cytokine Storm Symptoms and Swine Flu – What Is the Connection?

Cytokine StormCytokine Storm, also known as hypercytokinemia, is the exchange between cells and small proteins. Some are related to dead tissue or necrosis while others are related to inflammatory triggers. With that in mind, inflammatory cytokine has much to do with the immune system and are responsible for sending pathogens to destroy infection. The response trigger is dependent on cytokine. When a cytokine storm occurs, the body’s immune system will be off balanced because the response system is not working properly, and an abundance of t-cells and microphages find themselves at the infection site. If this infection is related to the respiratory system, fluid will build up and cause serious illness.

Swine Flu Scam vs. Reality – Pandemic or Not?

Swine Flu ScamWith the controversial concept of the swine flu scam, many feel there is a lot to be profited from the swine flu panic. Everything from air purifiers to face masks is marketed for the fight against becoming one of the confirmed cases of swine flu. Even the FDA warns against the swine flu scam which will reel some folks into the very swine flu panic which stirs up worldwide turmoil. In fact, federally staffed officials have warned several providers of more than 140 products promising to ease swine flu symptoms or prevent the disease altogether. Whether an immune boosting vitamin or herb, or an antibacterial solution, the swine flu scam is underway with such products marketed to the public.

Swine Flu Conspiracy: Myths and Facts

Swine Flu ConspiracyWhile there is a substantial assumption by many who feel there is a swine flu conspiracy, more facts about the contagious swine flu side effects continue to emerge making this disease a real deal whether purposely man-made or not. When one suffers from swine flu symptoms, which may or may not lead to life threatening swine flu side effects, he or she may wonder how it all came about, whether the illness is of natural origins or a swine flu conspiracy. Is it just a different strain of the average flu? Was a virus purposely planted to cause an epidemic? In today’s less than trusting society, there is much controversy about a swine flu conspiracy.

Top 10 Swine Flu Side Effects

Swine Flu Side EffectsSwine flu side effects have been known to lead to serious complication which is why the swine flu panic has caused so much concern over the past few years. Whether a cough, sore throat, weakness, body aches, or fever, the swine flu side effects include similar symptoms of other influenza. However, swine flu side effects can be more intensive which will lead to deeper, more life threatening issues causing hospitalization, and sometimes even death.

The following are the top ten swine flu side effects:

Incubation Period for Swine Flu – 5 Things to Remember

Incubation Period for Swine FluAlthough the exact incubation period for swine flu is unknown, it is speculated that swine flu symptoms will onset anywhere from one to seven days after exposure. However, this most likely can occur within the first four days, but could take as long as ten for symptoms to appear. With the wide day range included in the incubation period for swine flu, it is best to be watchful of flulike indications for at least ten days after contact with an infected individual.

Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects – What to Watch Out For?

Swine Flu Vaccine Side EffectsThe swine flu virus, otherwise known as H1N1, has raised concern for many, especially in the past few years when the swine flu panic began to emerge. Although here say has led people to believe this disease is contracted from pigs to people, the truth of the matter is that the swine flu is passed from person to person. Due to the increased outbreaks of the contagious disease, the public has been advised to be vaccinated against this particular flu. Like any such immunization, the swine flu vaccine side effects are experienced by some individuals, but not all.