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Difference Between HIV and AIDS

Difference Between HIV and AIDSHuman immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, is a human virus forcing the immune system to discontinue its proper functioning. It is the virus which causes the disease called AIDS, an acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The body contracts HIV through mucous membranes as well as blood contact. The body’s immune system is then slowly attacked and perfectly healthy cells of the immune system are killed off. As the immune system is crushed to complete destruction, AIDS will be the end result.

HIV Seroconversion Timeline – 7 Thing to Know!

HIV SeroconversionAn HIV seroconversion timeline is a collection of predictable symptoms in relation to the HIV infection in adults. The time it takes for an HIV individual to produce antibodies of the virus as the immunities react to the infection is known as seroconversion. When an HIV test is performed before the completion of a seroconverion, the result may be a false negative due to the antibodies not being completely developed. In an HIV seroconversion, the progression of the disease is unique to every case. Symptoms in children develop differently as symptoms become more serious earlier on in the disease. Many do not realize there is a difference between HIV and AIDS. HIV is the immune system breakdown which causes the AIDS disease.

HIV Rash on Face – What to Do?

HIV RashAn HIV rash on the skin is a possible manifestation of a positive tested individual. In fact, more than ¾ of HIV patients will have such a rash at some point of their disease, most likely between 14 to 28 days of being infected. This eczema-like rash of reddish to brown itchy bumps on skin will usually stay in one area, so spreading is usually unlikely. For some, the rash tends to be sore rather than itchy. The HIV rash on the face is sometimes a result within the first weeks of taking an HIV medication. Then again, a facial rash from HIV becomes a symptom of an established case of the disease.

Top 10 HIV Symptoms in Women

HIV Symptoms in WomenHIV symptoms in women may be different from the HIV symptoms in men, and may be mild in the beginning. These symptoms could be commonly mistaken for another condition instead.

Here is the top 10 list of these symptoms:

1. Abnormal Pap Smear Results – Abnormal pap smear results are often one of the first signs of HIV infection notices.

Top 10 HIV Symptoms in Men

HIV Symptoms in MenHIV symptoms in men may be different from HIV symptoms in women.

1. Fever And Chills
A fever may be a sign of viral infections, including those caused by HIV. Chills can also be a symptom caused by your high body temperature.

2. Fatigue
HIV symptoms in men can include severe fatigue.